Let’s Go Fishing! : Fishing Equipment on Club Factory

fishing equipment on club factory

Looking for a new hobby you can pick? We would suggest fishing!

Yes, rather than resorting to the regular hobbies you can pick while at home, why not step out for some outdoor fun with your family. If you are a complete beginner, we have a small guide for the equipment you need to pick up for your fishing expedition. Check out the types of fishing equipments available on Club Factory:

Fishing Rods

The basic one on the list. The strength, bending action and taper of the fishing rod you will need depends on the kind of fishing you are going to do. Various types of fishing rods are available on Club Factory including casting rods, telescopic rods, and more. It is best to stick to light weight ones if you are a beginner fishing in smaller water bodies, and get heavier ones as you progress.

Checkout on Club Factory: Fishing Telescopic (210cm/7Feet) Rod & Reel Combo Set

Fishing Baits and Lures

Though it is great to have live bait, it is difficult to get our hands on them. You don’t want to spend precious hours of your weekend hunting for worms as bait, do you? So it is best to opt for artificial baits like plastic worms which look as good as live ones.

Fishing lures are also popular to attract fishes to your lines. These are usually shaped like tiny colourful fishes to attract predator fishes. It is wise to have a few lures in your tackle boxes in case baits don’t work.

Checkout on Club Factory: Rubber Night Luminous Fishing Lure with Rigged Hook

Nylon Fishing Line Reel

All fishing enthusiasts should have extra fishing lines to spare. There is always a risk of your fishing line getting tangled, stuck in an obstruction under water or cut off by larger fishes. The type of fishing line to be used depends on the conditions in which you are going fishing. Rough waters demand heavy duty fishing lines whereas thin, transparent lines will do for calm and clear waters.

Checkout on Club Factory: Zorbes 100m Durable Braided Fishing Line


As you may already know, you need different types of hooks for fishing for different types of fishes. If you are a beginner, it is best to look up the size and shape of fishhooks you will need, before shopping for fishing equipment. The shape and size will depend on the kind of fish you are angling for. Best to go for box sets of fishhooks available on Club Factory so you can be ready for whichever waters you get to fish in.

Checkout on Club Factory: Stainless Steel Fishhooks with Barbed Hole (No: 3-12) – 70 pieces

That’s the basics covered. There are also various other equipments you can shop for your tackle boxes as you progress.

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