LG G7, 2018 Launch



Expected Release: June 2018

LG G7 with its sleek look and a successor to LG G6 is slated to launch this year. This delight from South-Korea based smartphone manufacturer is already the most talked about Phone in the market. Here is why this is one of the most exciting phones to look for in 2018.

What’s new about LG G7:

  • The LG G7 will be launched with a 8 inch QHD AMOLED display.
  • The phone is loaded with AI-powered phone, Boombox speaker at a reasonable price.
  • It will have upto 4 GB RAM with upto 64 GB storage.
  • The phone will come with a metal unibody and rear mounted fingerprint reader.
  • The OS will consist of Android 11 Nougat.

Expected Price in India: Rs. 54,990

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