Coronavirus or Not – 100% Safe Meats & Seafood at Licious

From farm-to-fork, Licious’ mission has always been simple, to help India get the best meat possible. Acclaimed for their quality, they’ve always believed in selling anything that they would be comfortable eating with their own families. Quality has been their way of life since the beginning and Coronavirus or not, their safety measures have always been verified by authorities. So, place your order on Licious without any worry and enjoy meat & seafood that is completely safe and absolutely delicious.

Licious safety certifications

Despite of being lauded for being the best in the industry, they’ve taken another hard look at all their measures and doubly ensured all safety checks.

Is It Safe Ordering Meat Online During Covid

Ordering meat online on Licious via CashKaro is completely safe. Read on to know more.


  • Meat is sourced only from FSSAI licensed partners that have undergone extensive background checks and are verified by Licious’ Food Safety & Quality Team


  • Their processing centres adhere to highest levels of food safety and quality standards
  • Processing centres are managed by a qualified team of experts which include doctors, meat scientists, food technologists, microbiologists and master butchers
  • All processing centres have a top-notch laboratory that conducts all necessary safety checks
  • Every batch goes through sensorial and microbiological tests including checks for temperature, adulterants, microbial contaminants & more
  • A metal detector is used to ensure no metal fragment is present


  • Meats are packed using vacuum-packaging and modified atmospheric packaging
  • Personnel at all delivery hubs, including delivery executives undergo training in food safety & quality practices.
  • Ice which is used for storage is made with portable RO drinking water that is manufactured in-house


  • All delivery personnel are trained and follow international food safety management systems
  • Licious is also certified by FoSTaC – Food Safety Training and Certification
  • Delivery executives sanitize their hands regularly and ensure a contactless delivery
  • Cash or other modes on payment on delivery have been paused as of now for further safety

Other Safety Measures

  • Implemented No Visitor Policy everywhere
  • Employees have been trained on hygiene practices with regular temperature checks
  • As a part of protocol, all personnel are routinely vaccinated every 6 months and undergo other health check-ups and screenings
  • Hand sanitizers have been installed at all entry and exits
  • All personnel use a mask at all times

Save More on Licious with CashKaro

Now that Licious has removed all your worries regarding getting safe meats and seafood, order and enjoy a delicious meal today. Place your order through CashKaro and enjoy a cashback of Flat Rs 280 plus a 20% Off Code.

Here is how you can save more with CashKaro:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Order Now’ button

Step 2: Copy the Flat 20% off code & Click on ‘Activate Cashback’ to get Flat Rs.280 CashKaro cashback

Step 3: Now, sign in if you are an existing user & sign up if you are a new user

Step 4: Order from Licious as usual & copy the off code at checkout

After that your CashKaro cashback will be tracked within 1 hour of successful transaction.

Now, that you know how safe it is to order from Licious, we also wanted you to know that online ordering from other websites has also become safer during Covid-19.

Until then, eat safe & stay safe!

Surabhi Saxena

Surabhi Saxena

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