A few months ago, you finally landed your dream job. You were ecstatic and what followed were days of typing away at your desk beaming with pride over the pay checks that were coming your way. Recently, however, you’ve started feeling a twinge in your lower back. Your eyes feel a little tired while you’re looking at your beloved laptop. Your belly, sadly, looks a little bigger than it used to. Now you could either grow morose over the fact that your body has suddenly started deteriorating for unfathomable reasons or dig a little deeper to reach enlightenment – Your newfound sedentary work lifestyle is causing certain ailments which, if not monitored and taken care of, can turn into long term, irrevocable diseases. Here is the lowdown on the damage your desk job does:

Lower Back PainBackache

First up on the list, this is the most common ailment you will hear employees complaining about. It could be an occasional episode of fleeting pain or a persistent ache preventing you from giving your best at work. The reason why your back is giving you trouble is simple. You spend your day slouching in your seat bending your spine out of its natural alignment. Your spine, striving to achieve its upright position, strains the muscles and ligaments causing that niggling pain. Being mindful of your posture could help you avoid this sticky situation.

Eye Straineye strain

While you are engrossed in your work, you seldom realize that you’ve stopped blinking or are too close to your laptop’s screen. Your dejected eyes thus become dry and tired causing you to strain them even more. The vicious cycle so formed leads to painful eyes, weak eyesight and other conditions which are not easy to get rid of. Try looking away from your screen for twenty seconds every twenty minutes to give your eyes the rest they need.



You might be indulging in occasional bouts of snacking at your desk thinking it’s a venial sin. The truth, however, is quite contrary to usual belief. When paired with sitting in once place for prolonged periods, this indulgence could lead to significant weight gain. The several cups of sugar infused coffee also contribute to the pounds that are adding up. Obesity caused due to your desk job can be easily avoided.  Stock up on healthy snacks that will keep you feeling full and away from unnecessary calories. Participate in some kind of physical activity which will keep your metabolism up and running.


Doctor Checking Sugar Level Of Patient

Reiterating the fact that desk job workers are constantly battling obesity, it is important to highlight that the battle, if lost, can lead to diabetes. When you spend the most part of your day tethered to your desk, you run the risk of decreased insulin sensitivity which is directly linked to diabetes. Simple lifestyle changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator will keep your blood pumping throughout the day shielding your body from this silent killer.


Your desk job comes with its share of responsibilities and challenges which often lead to copious amounts of stress. When stress is poorly handled or just completely ignored, it can lead to anxiety and depression. Mental ailments caused due to chronic stress come with their own set of physical ailments such as headaches, irritability and sleep disorders. In such cases it is important to turn the work stress down a notch and try doing things that relax you. In extreme cases, you should consider taking an hour out for counselling sessions.

Cardiovascular Conditions

heart diseaseStress, poor eating habits and lack of exercise will slowly but surely add up to cause life threatening cardiovascular conditions. This may not be one of your concerns while you’re in your twenties but keep this lifestyle up for another ten years and you will be predisposed to conditions such as high blood pressure, peripheral vascular disease, angina and even stroke.

Steer clear of these conditions by giving your body a chance to cope with the stress it deals with every day. Let go of habits such as smoking and drinking which will only exacerbate the situation and focus on diet, exercise and activities that are conducive to a healthy and happy life. No matter how important your career is, health always has and always will come first.

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