A recent survey conducted by CashKaro.com, India’s largest Cashback and Coupons site, to study lingerie shopping patterns of women (Pan-India) revealed that:

– 80% of the respondents feel online shopping of lingerie gives women more freedom to buy without ‘Getting Looks’ and does not invade their privacy

– 90% of women feel it’s worth investing in sexy lingerie as it makes them feel confident

Gone are the days when lingerie was considered just a piece of clothing to support. Today, it is about utility as well as fashion. 80% of women today factor “Sexy & Cool” when buying lingerie besides “Comfort & Fit”. Unlike a decade ago, women don’t have any qualms discussing lingerie in front of men. In fact, 54% respondents said they didn’t really care! Men too are not shying away and 85% confessed they liked buying sexy lingerie for their partners on special occasions.

The survey also revealed that 60% women would spend around Rs5000 a year on lingerie and prefer websites that give them the best deals.

Over 45% of the respondents said that they shop for lingerie more than 4 times a year and 40% claimed to buy it ONLY from online stores. This clearly reflects that women enjoy the discounts and offers that are available online. The fact that online shopping saves time, allows discretion whilst offering a wide assortment of products also contributes to this result.


The above-mentioned findings are testament to the fact that new age woman is tech-savvy and a smart shopper. She celebrates womanhood and is not afraid of being sexy or desirable.

Always remember: Wear beautiful lingerie, even if no one is going to see it.

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