Longifene Composition – Buclizine (25mg)
Manufactured By – Mankind Pharma Ltd
Prescription – Prescription Required
Form – Tablet
Price – Rs 24.07
Quantity – 10 tablets in 1 strip

What Is Longifene?

Longifene is an antihistamine and anticholinergic drug which is mainly used for treating motion sickness.

Manufactured By – Mankind Pharma Ltd

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Uses of Longifene

  • Longifene is used to treat motions sickness associated nausea, vomiting and headaches.
  • Longifene is also used for treating vertigo and vestibular disorders.
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Longifene Composition

Longifene contains “Buclizine” as its active ingredient.

How Does Longifene Work?

  • The mechanism of action of Longifene is not well known, it exerts its action due to central anticholinergic action.
  • It diminishes vestibular stimulation and depresses labyrinthine function.
  • Its inhibitory action on the medullary chemoreceptive trigger zone is involved in its antiemetic effect.

Longifene Prices in India

Specifics  Longifene Price
Strip of 10 tablets of 25mg Rs. 24.07
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How to Take Longifene?

  • Available as 25mg tablet and suspension for oral administration, Longifene tablet should be taken immediately after food.
  • Longifene tablet should be administered at least 30 minutes before travelling to prevent motion sickness.
  • Longifene tablet should be swallowed as a whole with plenty of fluids without crushing or chewing it.
  • While using suspension form, a medication measuring cup and not a household spoon should be used to measure the prescribed dose

Common Dosage  of Longifene

  • The common adult dose for prophylaxis of motion sickness is 25-50 mg, thirty minutes before travel.
  • The dose may be repeated every four to six hours as per requirement.
  • Not more than 150 mg of Longifene should be taken in a day.
  • Never use more than the recommended dose or for longer periods of time without doctor’s consent.

When to Avoid Longifene & Precautions To Take?

  • Avoid taking Longifene if you are allergic to it.
  • Use with caution in people suffering from glaucoma or/and epilepsy.
  • Dosage adjustments are required in patients with renal or hepatic diseases.
  • Use with caution in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Side Effects Of Longifene

Side effects of Longifene include –

  • Drowsiness  (Sleepiness)Dizziness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dry mouth
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Skin rashes
  • Convulsions (seizures)

What Are The Effects of Longifene on Organs?

  • Longifene may have adverse effects on liver and kidney function. Thus it should be used with caution in such patients.
  • Longifene may worsen the condition of cardiovascular disease patients.

Are There Any Reported Allergic Reactions?

Allergy has been reported with Longifene. Symptoms of allergic reactions:

  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Trouble breathing
  • Swelling of face, neck, throat
  • Loss of consciousness

Drug Interactions to be Careful About?

Longifene may interact with the following drugs –

  • Alcohol
  • Apomorphine
  • Phenobarbital
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Zolpidem
  • Diazepam
  • Amphetamine

Shows Effects/Results In

The time for onset of action is not clinically established however the duration of action is observed for 4-6 hours

Storage Requirements for Longifene

  • Store at room temperature, away from heat and direct sunlight.
  • Keep away from the reach of children and pets.

Pro Tips When Taking Longifene

  • Always consume Longifene at least half an hour before travelling.
  • Do not consume in doses larger or smaller than that prescribed by your doctor.
  • Patients with angle closure glaucoma should avoid the use of Longifene.


Is Longifene addictive?

No, Longifene is not addictive.

Can I have Longifene with alcohol?

Longifene should not be administered with alcohol as it may aggravate the risk of adverse effects like drowsiness and act as a health hazard.

Any particular food item to be avoided?


Can I have Longifene when pregnant?

No. Longifene should not be used in pregnant women as animal studies have reported adverse effects on foetus.

Can I have Longifene when feeding a baby?

Longifene should be used in lactating mothers only when absolutely necessary.

Can I drive after taking Longifene?

Patients on Longifene should avoid driving as it may increase the risk of adverse effects like dizziness and drowsiness which might affect driving.

What happens if I overdose on Longifene?

Seek medical attention upon over-dosing of Longifene.

What happens if I eat expired Longifene?

An expired drug may become ineffective in treating your prescribed conditions, thus to be on the safe side, it is important not to use an expired drug.

What happens if I miss a dose of Longifene?

If you miss a dose of Longifene, skip it and continue with your normal schedule. Do not double dose for a missed one.

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