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So you’ve decided to move past the stage of denial and finally accept the truth – You’ve gained a LOT of weight. Wearing loose clothes and trying to cover up the bulges isn’t working for you anymore. The next rational step would be to stop getting worked up and start working out. But who has the time!? Going to the gym everyday can eat into the time you usually spend doing other things (Eating!). Instead of giving up or turning to fad diets, check out these tips that will help you lose weight without hitting the gym and you will definitely end up losing those extra pounds in no time!


1. Fiber Power

Fiber-rich foods ensure longevity of the satiety you feel after every meal. Say goodbye to untimely hunger pangs that add to the paunch by adding a little fiber to every meal. There is ample amount of fiber in Beans, Flax Seeds and Asparagus. You can add these foods to your everyday diet as they are easily available.

If you’re not particularly fond of any of these fiber rich foods, you can buy supplements online and get your daily dose of fiber with minimal changes to your current lifestyle.

Fiber rich foods
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