Just as how the plot thickens in Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel García Márquez’s Novel “Love in the times of Cholera”, likewise today, cheerful lovers are anxiously made to stay apart in these difficult times of COVID-19 Pandemic. Separation or ‘Social Distancing’, as the Technocrats like to call it, is as much a painfully dreaded virus as Corona for young couples in Love and Lockdown.

Here are 5 different ways to keep in pace with your love life while still strictly adhering to the norms of Social Distancing.

1. Connect Digitally

Technology has been the greatest boon of this century which helps alibi your absence somewhere or with someone. Make the best use of networking apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Zoom and House party to stay connected in these tough times. Though this has been an obvious and the nearest solution to the problem of social distancing, it definitely requires a special mention for its potential to save relationships from falling apart.

2. Follow a Fitness Routine Together

As much important as staying in love is, it is equally crucial to remain in good shape physically and mentally during the lockdown. And what better way to get it done if not as a couple. Achieving fitness goals have always been hard when done alone without the right guidance. Use this opportunity to pace up your fitness levels and keep each other good company while doing so. Discover yourselves and realize the extents you can push each other to commit to staying safe and healthy.

3. Work Together on Common Goals

While in Quarantine, the one intense human criteria for happiness missing is Productivity. Often one ends up couch bound, sucked into a vacuum of gloomy doomsday theories, aimless podcasts and dubious opinions by social media experts on their mobile phones. Rather, make yourselves productive and enjoy being in the journey together. This could mean enrolling into an online course to learn new languages, music instruments or skill sets like yoga, coding, painting and meditation or simply sit down to plan a future vacation to your favorite destination.

4. Do the Little Things & Joyful Surprises

Take your partners to help to do the little things you’ve always wanted to do but never did because of the paucity of time. This may commonly include reading up an unfinished book, experimenting on your favourite delicacy or even embarking into the realm of art. But if you don’t enjoy doing something anymore, don’t force yourself into it. An interesting tweet from a friend recently read as ‘Now I realize tidying up my room had nothing to do with the paucity of time but a lack of intention’. Alternatively, plan tiny little surprises for you partner, it may involve writing a poem or a postcard, or whatever is your charm offensive, but make sure to spend a little effort in keeping your partner happy.

5. Give Each Other the Space Most Needed

Finally, social distancing is as much about keeping the Corona Virus at bay as about keeping relationships intact. China witnessed an unprecedented rise in divorce rates among couples after months of lockdown together due to a lack of personal space, constant interdependence and quarrel. Times of break are crucial to sustain and understand the importance of your relationship. So use this time to love yourself more and thereby nourish your love for one another.

Eventually, like the climax in Gabo’s novel, true love is meant to blossom and conquer all barriers and social distances unfailingly. “O, Wind, if winter comes can spring be far behind?”

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