Make Bathing Fun with These Bath Toys for Babies

Best Bath Toys for Babies

Giving your baby a nice bath is a tough task. From checking the water temperature, to using safe products, every little thing is essential. What also makes bath time easier for babies is having a bath toy your child can play with. These toys come as a blessing for most parents as they keep the child engaged so that they can bathe them. They are available in different shapes that not just provide your kids with a fun bath time but also help them develop an understanding of color and touch. Here we some popular bath toys that are safe, non-toxic, and can make bath-time an enjoyable experience.

Best Bath Toys for Babies

1. Wishkey Animal Bath Toys

This 14-piece bath toy set features numerous animals including aquatic animals, land animals and amphibians. These toys are ideal for kids of 6 years and above. They are available in small sizes, are easy to grab, and made with skin-friendly material. Place these toys in the tub and watch your kid enjoy their bath time with great fun and frolic.

Imaginative Play

These toys produce sound and provide a boost to your kid’s imagination as they may create innovative storyline making their bath time even more fun.

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2. Wishkey Fish Bath Toys

Available in a small size, these fish bath toys are easy to grab and can sit comfortably in the baby’s hand. Suitable for kids of 6 years and above, these compact bath toys feature vibrant colors and produce a sound which catches the attention of kids instantly. Made with a non-toxic material, these toys are 100% safe on the baby’s skin and keeps them occupied throughout the bath.

Understand Aquatic Life

With these bath toys, you can help your kid learn names and know about marine animals.


3. Royals Ducks Bath Toys

These duck toys are popular among kids. This 4-piece duck set is compact and can fit in the narrowest of storage spaces. Available in a bright yellow color, these bath toys are made with non-toxic rubber and do not require a battery for operation. Moreover, these ducklings also produce sound when squeezed. These floating ducks are suitable for kids of age 6 months and more.

Introduce Sounds

With these little duckling bath toys, you can help your kid know about different animal voices and make their bath time fun.

Popular Choice

4. Munchkin Bath Ball

This ball features holes at its bottom that drain out the water once it gets accumulated inside. Bound with a soft shell, the ball also has a round transparent toy that produces sound on shaking the ball. Moreover, this bath toy has huge holes on its top to offer a good grip. This bath ball is ideal for kids of 6 months and above.

Stimulates Baby’s Senses

This bath ball makes numerous sounds and rattles that keep the baby occupied and stimulate their senses.

Next Best

5. Munchkin Bath Letter and Numbers

This pack of bath toys contains 26 floating letters and numerals from 0 – 9. These floating letters and numbers stick to the tiles once wet. Made with soft and non-toxic foam, this toy is suitable to be used for kids of 3 years or more.

Educates Babies

These letters and numbers help educate the baby to form different words and learn counting.

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