Make Sure You Have These 5 Essentials This Football Season

If you don’t like cricket by any means, chances are you follow football events dearly. The Euro Cup 2016 is here. The adrenaline is high and 10 matches have already been played. You’re still sitting at home and wondering how can I make the football experience better for me and my friends. All you end up doing is refilling the popcorn bowl. We tell you about some gadgets and you make sure to have them all this football season.

Wireless Headphone

wireless headphones

According to Indian Standard Time (IST), all the matches have 3 time slots i.e. 6:30 pm, 9:30 pm and 12.30 am. The last slot could be a little tricky to handle if you’re sharing your room with someone else. Wireless headphones for tv works best.



The thought of enjoying a match sitting on a recliner gives such a warm feeling. Sigh! A recliner could be a perfect fit for this football season and also for your home decor.



You would not want to miss any detail when Cristiano Ronaldo is chasing the ball to hit a goal. There is no point in watching a soccer match or anything at all without an HD television.



How else you can play a football match with your friends without sweating to death and losing your breath. Harold Searles Thornton came to the rescue in 1922 with fooseball. Now play football on your own terms. Fooseball table is waiting for you.

Home Theatre System

home theatre system

Referee’s whistle, raging vuvuzela and the sound of the ball when it hits the net after a goal, you surely would not want to miss any of it. A home theatre system will capture every sound to its core to give you a live surround experience.

Get, Set and Goal!

Adeel Ahmed

Adeel Ahmed

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