Got stuck with the smallest room in the house? Or are you feeling a little cramped up in your childhood bedroom? We come bearing solutions.

With just a few tweaks, you can turn your confined space into an airy paradise.


If you want to use furniture to make your space look spacious, clearing the clutter should be your first order of business. When extra stuff has been discarded, follow these tips.

  • Always keep distance between furniture pieces and walls to create a roomy feel.
  • Avoid overstuffed sofas and go for sleek couches and chairs.
  • Pick round tables over square ones and pick glass or marble tabletops over wooden ones.
  • Elevated beds and sofas will also create an airy atmosphere.

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Natural light is the best way to make your room look bigger, so always have a big window in your room. And for sans-sunlight hours, here’s how artificial lighting can help.

  • Spread the light around with multiple sources like overhead lights, floor lamps and bedside lamps.
  • Add wall lights to hidden and shadowy corners.
  • Use long hanging lights to emphasize the height of your room.
  • Use strong LED White light bulbs to turn up the  brightness in your room. Choose brands like Havells or Philips which are bright and energy efficient.
  • Place mirrors opposite to your wall lights to bounce light off them and create the illusion of space (more on mirrors later).

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With the power of optical illusion, your walls can help you room look like a restful retreat rather than a claustrophobia hazard.

  • Create harmony by using similar shades and tones of paint on each wall.
  • White (or different shades of white) walls and ceiling will give the room a breezy, calm and serene look.
  • Pale shades make a room feel brighter and larger.
  • Keep a low contrast between your walls and ceiling.


Adding decorative pieces and paintings can make your room look beautifully tasteful. Tactful placement can make a room look larger as well. Here’s a quick ‘how-to’.

  • Hang your paintings above eye level to emphasize the room’s height.
  • Do not clutter a corner with decorative pieces. Spread them around to make your room look balanced.
  • If you have too many pieces, invest in a wall stand for a clean and put together look.

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Well-placed mirrors can do wonders for cramped spaces. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Let your mirror reflect sunlight by placing it directly opposite to a window.
  • Cover an entire wall with a mirror to see a stark difference in actual size and perceived size.
  • Get two or three oversized mirrors that face a single point in the room to add depth to it.

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Use one or all of these methods and say goodbye to your small room woes.

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