(Disclaimer: I don’t mean to attack all men. A fair few do have a good fashion sense). We often see men wearing the same things over and over again. It’s almost like they don’t have other clothes. But the surprising part is, they probably have more than you do at the moment, but they still only wear a couple of outfits on repeat.

This can be blamed on laziness or a general lack of wanting to look good. Whatever the excuse is, a couple of websites like Ajio is making it easy for the lazy guys. Their Fashion Basics collection has a list of clothing articles that a guy must own. Here they are:

Typographic Print Crew-Neck T-shirt

A crew neck t-shirt is a staple for everyone in fact. It is one of the most comfortable things we can wear. Plus it’s also extremely simple to style it. You can dress up or dress down with these types of t-shirts. Buy it now using Ajio coupons.

Striped Shirt with Patch Pocket

A closet literally cannot exist without at least one striped short. It indicates some class while also simultaneously being fun to wear. You could be saying anything while wearing a striped shirt. It passes as both formal and informal. Get yours now with Ajio discount code.

Slim Tapered Fit Pants with Insert Pockets

The quality of your day depends a lot on whether or not your pants fit you. Too tight and it could seriously cut down circulation function. There are also problems of it riding up and other things that could ruin the day for you. Getting perfectly fitted pants never got easier thanks to Ajio. The tapered pants are extremely comfortable to use. Get it now with Ajio offers from CashKaro.

Cotton Polo T-shirt with Vented Hems

Can a man not have worn a polo ever in his life? I really don’t think it’s possible. These button-up t-shirts are comfortable and go along with most bottom wear. It is classy enough that you can wear it out to most occasions. Buy yours now with Ajio coupons.

I hope that at least now, you’ll learn how to expand your wardrobe preferences. CashKaro has a lot more Ajio offers for you to use and save. Buy now using Ajio discount code and you seriously won’t regret it.

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The Virgo that I am, likes all things prim and proper. Not to brag, but calling me a perfectionist won't be entirely false. A fashion lover, you will find me experimenting with my OOTDS alot. I spend my weekend binging on nachos and brownies.


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