Why Should You Switch to Toxin-Free MamaEarth Beauty Products?

Over the past few years, the all-natural, toxin-free or clean beauty industry has risen. This explosion has turned it from a niche to a mainstream expectation among consumers. The fear of chemicals, use of questionable ingredients like parabens, silicones and sulphates, and the harm caused by them in due course of time have made people more inclined towards natural or toxin-free products.

Benefits of Toxin-free Products

  • Optimum skin care
  • No harmful chemicals absorbed that can cause diseases, hormone imbalance
  • Less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammations or irritation
  • Higher level antioxidants and vitamins
  • Healthier skin for a longer time
  • Promotes cruelty-free skincare
  • Preserves the environment by not leaving a harmful footprint

Why Should You Switch to Toxin-free Products from MamaEarth?

  • Asia’s first Made Safe certified brand
  • 100 per cent toxin-free skin care, hair care and baby care products
  • Clinically tested, hypo-allergenic, pH balanced products
  • FDA approved
  • Transparency about all ingredients used
  • Reviewed by a panel of real moms
  • Use of gentle (natural, plant-based or manmade), safe and effective ingredients
  • Ingredients sourced from ISO, GMP & Non-GMO compliant sources
  • Trusted by 1.5 million+ consumers in over 500 cities
  • Easily available on leading e-commerce sites like Amazon, Nykaa & Flipkart
  • Established offline presence in over 2,000 multi-brand stores

MamaEarth – The Story

MamaEarth was founded by Varun and Ghazal Alagh in 2016. When this husband-wife duo stepped into parenthood, they turned from a carefree couple to safety wardens, striving to give the best to their baby. It was then that they decided to develop a brand from world-class research, that was safe, certified toxin-free and met stringent international standards.

Since its inception, the brand has stood strong for its core values like Safety, Mum-Powerment, Honesty and Sustainability. It aims to take care of every parents and baby’s well-being through products which can be chosen without having to think twice.

Top Selling MamaEarth Products

  • Onion Hair Serum with Onion & Biotin
  • Skin Correct Face Serum
  • Skin Illuminate Face Serum
  • Onion Hair Mask
  • Onion Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Ubtan Face Mask

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