1. Who are you?

Hii..This is Rahul Jain, a final year undergraduate student pursuing Majors in Mathematics and Civil Engineering at BITS Pilani. I am a big time startup enthusiast who loves to build products, code applications, talk strategies and analyse data points. I majorly work with Data Analytics Systems & code it over Python with a knack for Product Development, User Experience Analytics, Design and Photography.


2. What kind of projects did you manage at CashKaro?

At CashKaro, I was involved with Email Marketing team with whom I accomplished two projects. The first one being the analysis of the performance of certain email campaigns on the database of over 1.3 million users. This involved the use of Data Analytics Stack and understanding of Statistics and Excel. This way we were able to quantify the performance of the Usersets created on the Master Database. The second one being the Language Processing Project where the Subject Lines of the Emails we sent were put to test for performance and a qualitative analysis was driven out to assess the usage of certain words in the subject lines for better Open Rates and Click Through Rates for the emails. Simultaneous with these projects, there was the regular management of email platforms from cherry picking best offers for users to send them out over emails via Kenscio.

Also, I ventured into the Social Media Team to manage two social platforms, viz, Instagram & Twitter.

3. Tell us about the team you worked in

The Email Team I worked with, consisted of six, the coolest of colleagues, with the best reporting manager, no exaggeration. Period.

It was quite fun to work with them when there was an occasional burst of laughter every now and then. Each of the members would work as a team, bringing in their set of skills, suggesting and questioning each other to fulfill the responsibilities and simultaneously keeping the experience full of learning and the work satisfying. Needless to mention, the treats, pizzas and outings were cherries on top of the whole work experience.

4. What’s an internship at CashKaro like?

One word, Exquisite. The people are jolly, the hierarchy is flat and the founders are quite approachable. There is always a liveliness on the floor. The team is quite humble and caring. The team leads are essentially teachers for every one of us. Politely and patiently, they would solve any queries I had. Every festival being celebrated with fun activities and competitions. I would rather put it this way, I have never seen my desk undecorated, be it Independence Day, Diwali, Jamming Sessions, etc.

Also, not to forget, the complete team parties were just as fun as you would have with your homies.

6dee1f546988e8f29e685ec77b5cbc12fb1a9cd79e5de4b0d9pimgpsh_fullsize_distr5. Any advice for prospective interns?

Just be yourself and keep your eyes and ears open. All you’d need to do is ask and to the right person. You’ll learn the most this way. Keep yourself updated and be on your toes to accept any new challenges, the team or product has. You might have to walk another mile to find a way out but you’ll discover a lot other things on the journey. Be motivated and happy as the entire team is. Cheers.

6. Do you think it is the perfect place for a student to shop via CashKaro? If yes why?
Don’t deny that you are always low on budget, eh, you student?

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone says, I would give you money to go & get that awesome Hard Drive, or that lovely Gown you want to wear at your prom? This exactly what CashKaro does. It offers you a chance to save as much as you can as you shop online with the best of offers and coupons, while concurrently reward you for doing so.

Would you still be wondering how exactly they do this, shoot me a mail at jain.rahul283@gmail.com or f2012704@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in, we’ll have a chat 🙂

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