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Blouse Bras on Zivame

Every Indian girl can probably relate when I talk about the struggles of getting a perfect blouse stitched. There is always some sort of miscommunication between yourself and your tailor when they do the exact opposite of what you’ve requested. That’s when the ready-made blouse became popular.

The next problem was then finding a bra that would work with that blouse, where the straps don’t show and it’s also comfortable. To combat this, Zivame has come up with the Blouse-Bra. This is like a typical designer blouse with an inbuilt bra, and I’m not talking about those awkward padding cups. The bra here is actually stitched along with the blouse, making it comfortable to wear. Explore Zivame’s Blouse Bras with Zivame offers.

Zivame Padded Wirefree Full Coverage Blouze Bra

This designer blouse comes in three vibrant colours which you can pair with a lot of sarees. Since the colours are neutral, they’ll work with most types of sarees. This blouse made with sheer lace and offers full coverage. It has a very cool designer back that offers a pop of modernity to this blouse. Get this blouse with Zivame discount codes from CashKaro. This padded and wire-free blouse is extremely comfortable and it has an extremely long life.

Zivame Ornate Glitz Padded Wired Inbuilt Bra Blouse

This chic blouse is the perfect blend tradition and modernity. It is bedazzled with rhinestones which is perfect for the nighttime look. This blouse offers 3/4th coverage and is padded and wired. This blouse comes in Wine and beige which is perfect-pairing for tons of saree and colours. Use Zivame coupons to get this showstopper blouse.

Zivame Padded Wired Full Coverage Blouze Bra

This minimalist blouse this perfect for a nighttime or reception look when you’re going for simple. You could pair it with designer sarees that are contrasting colours to the blouse. This blouse is full coverage and comes with a designer back. The padded blouse and wired bra is extremely comfortable to wear. Use Zivame offer to get yourself this cool blouse that comes in 3 colours.

You can find a lot more blouses on Zivame. Use CashKaro’s Zivame coupons and Zivame discount codes to buy your blouses. Get to shopping now!

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