5 Super Expensive Dishes That May Cost You Lakhs

5 Super Expensive Dishes That May Cost You Lakhs

Everyone enjoys eating, amirite? I mean, where would we be without the food that sustains us. With a world of cuisines to try from, for me, personally, I prefer to eat cheap. As ironic as it may be, cheap street food packs the most flavour.

Now, there’s another end of this spectrum that takes a bit more bravery to put your foot in. That is, food that costs lakhs of rupees! Are you ready to sacrifice your paycheck, maybe of two months to try out these exotic foods?


We all like a crunchy taco. But would you eat it if it costs over Seventeen lakhs!? The world’s most expensive taco, made with Kobe beef, Almas Beluga caviar, and black truffle brie cheese costs this much. Do you think it’s worth it?


You can easily head on over to Pizza Hut or get it delivered with Uber Eats offers to fulfil your pizza craving. But this Seventy thousand rupees pizza is not as easy to come by. Why is it that expensive you ask? It’s made with exotic toppings like caviar and lobster tail and must be ordered in advance. Would you travel to NYC for a slice?


Burgers are everyone’s favourites. It’s quick and tastes amazing. But if you want to take it a step further, try the Fleur Burger 5000 rounding up at thirty-five thousand rupees. Made with the most exquisite Wagyu beef, prime foie gras and truffles, this burger is probably a one-time try.


Available right in India is sushi. You can have it delivered to your house even with Uber Eats promo code. But would it match up to the lakh and twenty-two thousand sushi made by Chef Angelito Araneta Jr.? It is made of premium nigiri warped in gold and topped off with African diamond? Would you try it?

Chocolate Pudding

To finish the meal, we’ve got to have some dessert right? Why not this twenty-four lakh chocolate pudding from England. Decorated with gold and diamonds, this dessert must be ordered at least two weeks in advance. That’s a pretty big wait for some pudding right? But I’m sure it’s worth the wait.

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