Moringa: 5 Must Know Benefits of Moringa, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects


“It is a mega boost of antioxidants and it will up your green intake substantially

  • Dr. Mehmet Oz, Turkish-American television personality, Cardiothoracic surgeon.

Moringa comes from Moringa oleifera, a drought-resistant tree commonly cultivated in the Northern Indian subcontinent. It has been used as a herbal medicine for a long time and is known to treat and prevent diseases like diabetes and arthritis, heart diseases and digestive disorders.

Morina not only has a medicinal purpose, but it can also be used for water purification, hand washing and even in several dishes and curries as a drumstick.

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Benefits of Moringa

Here are some of the benefits of Moringa:

1. Nutrients

Moringa is packed with important vitamins and minerals that are vital for us. Moringa contains pronounced amounts of Vitamin, A, C and E along with Calcium, Proteins and amino acids.

2. Good for the Cardiovascular system

It is known to prevent plaque formation in arteries and reduce cholesterol levels, which is essential for a healthy heart.

3. Anti-Inflammatory

Moringa suppresses enzymes and proteins that are inflammatory in nature. This helps immensely to prevent major chronic diseases such as diabetes and respiratory problems.

4. Boosts healing

Parts like leaves and stem of the Moringa tree have blood clotting properties. This helps to heal cuts and scratches faster and also stop excessive bleeding.

5. Better brain health

Moringa aids cognitive function as it contains antioxidants. Its neurotransmitter neutralization properties help to control mood swings and help sharpen memory.

Uses of Moringa

  1. It is mostly available as a powder that can be added to tea or water.

2. It can be used as a power or a medicinal drink.

Dosage of Moringa

The dosage depends from person to person but it is usually recommended to have ½ tbsp daily. Once you get regular, then you may increase the dosage a little bit.

Side effects of Moringa

  1. Moringa may have laxative effects if taken in heavier doses, so it is advised to have it in fewer quantities.
  2. Bigger doses also can lead to an unsettled stomach since the body finds it difficult to absorb so many nutrients.
  3. The seed extract of Moringa is toxic in immune cells and must be avoided.
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Buyer’s guide for Moringa

Brands Available

  1. Nutriness
  2. Organic India
  3. Holy Natural
  4. Herbal Hills

Where to buy

  1. Amazon India
  2. 1mg
  3. Healthkart
  4. Organic Shop

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