Hill Stations In Morni: 10 Top Morni Hill Stations List That You Should Not Miss

Morni Hills is a small sleepy hamlet in the Panchkula district of Haryana. It forms a part of the lower Shivalik ranges and is the only hill station that Haryana has. It is named after the queen who once ruled it. Due to its proximity to Chandigarh, it is ideal for a cool summer retreat. Calm and picturesque, it is blessed with lush evergreen forests, sparkling rivers, streams and waterfalls. It has thick evergreen forests and a dense vegetation of pine, rhododendrons, golden laburnum, Indian rosewood etc.

Place: Panchkula District, Haryana.

Altitude: 1267 meters above sea level.

Travelling to Morni Hills

Nearest airport: Chandigarh International Airport, approximately 52 kilometers away from Morni Hills.

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Nearest railway station: Chandigarh Junction, approximately 35 kilometers from Morni Hills.

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Nearest bus stand: Morni Hills Bus Stop.

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Where to Stay: Mountain Quail Resort (run by the Haryana Government)

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Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Morni Hills is between October and March. The weather is pleasant for sightseeing and other tourist activities. It is a good time for hiking, trekking and bird watching.

8 Amazing Places to Visit in Morni – 2019 List

Places to visit in Morni Area
Morni Hill Fort and Museum Near Panchkula
Mansa Devi Temple Near Haridwar
Gurudwara Nada Sahib Near Panchkula
Adventure Park Near Valley of Tikkar
Tikkar Taal Near Shivalik range
Thakur Dwara Temple Near Dukheri
World Herbal Forest Near Panchkula
Berwala Bird Safari Near Shivalik Hills

Hill Stations Morni: Complete Guide for Best Places to Visit In & Near Morni 

1. Morni Hill Fort and Museum

Overlooking the Bhoj Jabial or Morni town is the Morni Fort, a modest stone masonry structure built sometime in the 17th The fort has a gate to the East, overlooking the Morni town. It has four domes and a well in the centre (which is now filled up). The fort is now in ruins but is quaintly beautiful. The forests nearby served as hunting grounds for kings and hunters in the distant past, but today they serve as popular trekking locations for tourists.

One can also visit two smaller forts nearby: one at Garhi Kotaha and the other one at Massompur village hillock. Both forts lie in ruins after they were partially demolished by the British Raj after the Indian Mutiny of 1857.

2. Mansa Devi Temple

The Mansa Devi Temple is dedicated to Mansa Devi, the incarnation of Goddess Parvati. The temple was built by Maharaja Karam Singh of Patiala for celebrating his victory over the Gurkhas. Over 38 panels of wall paintings adorn this temple along with floral motifs painted on the ceiling. These paintings depict the themes from the Markandeya Purana which is dedicated to Goddess Mansa Devi.


3. Gurudwara Nada Sahib

Gurudwara Nada Shahib is situated on the banks of river Ghaggar. It is believed that Guru Gobind Singh, after defeating the Mughals in the battle of Bhangani, had stayed here with his victorious warriors. During the stay, Guru Gobind Singh and his army were taken care of by Babu Nadu Shah. Pleased with Babu Nadu Shah’s services, the Guru blessed him and named the spot after him. It is also believed that he had pitched his flag of victory in the location where the Gurudwara today stands. This place is highly revered by the Sikhs and sees thousands of devotees and tourists every day.

4. Adventure Park

The Haryana Tourism Department has set up an Adventure park for tourists on the heavily wooded hill that separates the twin lakes of Tikkar. The park is an ideal place for adrenaline junkies. Spider’s web, river crossing, Tarzan’s swing, the Burma Bridge etc. are some of the activities that the park offers. A rock-climbing wall with grips for practicing climbing and a short vertical drop for rappelling are the other outdoor activities. Kayaking and angling are soon to be introduced in the adjoining Tikkar Taal along with parasailing and mountain biking. Small swings are available for the kids and a small cafeteria is there to satisfy your hunger.

5. Tikkar Taal

Twin lakes of Tikkar adorn the slopes of Morni Hills. The larger one is called Bhim Taal and is 550 meter wide and 460 meters long. The smaller one is called Chhota Tikkar or Draupdi Taal and is 365 meters wide and long. Although the lakes are divided by a hill, legend says that they are interconnected by a hidden channel as the water level of both the lakes remains the same.

The locals of Morni Hills consider the lakes as sacred and the lakes serve as a focal point in many local celebrations.

6. Thakur Dwara Temple

On the banks of the Tikkar Taal is a hidden treasure of the Morni Hills: the Thakur Dwar Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. According to local legend, the temple was built by the Pandava rulers and has a tale attached to it. Post its excavation in the 1970s, many Brahmanical stone sculptures were found at the site which date back to the early medieval and Pratihara Period. Some of these sculptures place the age of the original temple around 10th century A.D. Many artifacts are housed at the Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh and some remain in-situ at the Thankur Dwara Temple.

7. World Herbal Forest

Morni Hills has a rich collection of flora, including medicinal plants. The Haryana Government collaborated with Baba Ramdev’s Trust to build a World Herbal Forest that would house around 1000 varieties of herbs and medicinal plants. The work began in 2017 and is still in progress. The park would soon be open to tourists for a walkthrough.

8. Berwala Bird Safari

The forests of Morni Hills teem with Nilgai, Sambhar, barking deer, leopards and countless species of birds. Watchtowers have been erected to help birders and wildlife enthusiasts to easily sight birds and animals. Forest trails lead to the watchtowers. Forest guards also keep an eye on human movement from these towers. You can take a forest jeep safari or trek on the forest trails to reach your destination.

If you are bored of the monotony of mundane hill stations overcrowded with tourists, the next time you pack your bags, head out to Morni Hills. This unexplored hill station will provide you the calm that you seek and you will not return disappointed.

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