20 Haunted Places In Delhi: Scariest Places in Delhi That Are Actually Haunted!

Ever seen a woman running wildly beside a car, a headless man searching for his love or a grimy corpse hanging from a tree? Creepy, isn’t it? Yes, Delhi is not just the capital of India, it is one of the spooky places! Some streets in Delhi have the ability to turn the vicinities into a watering hole of paranormal activities. From streets to forts and courts to residential areas, there are numerous supernatural stories revolving around these places that are bound to send chills down your spine. It’s time you chant those savior prayers and brace yourselves to explore the unexplored.

Here are the top haunted places in Delhi that are bound to give you an unearthly experience.

List Of The 20 Most Haunted Places In Delhi

Haunted Places in Delhi Distance from City Centre
Delhi Cantonment 14.1 Km
Sanjay Van 20.5 Km
Delhi Ridge Area 20.5 Km
Lothian Cemetery 2.5 Km
House No W-3, GK -1 18.3 Km
Firoz Shah Kotla Fort 8.2 Km
Karkardooma Delhi Court 9.6 Km
Khooni Darwaza 8.6 Km
DDA Flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II 27 Km
Agrasen Ki Baoli 2.3 Km
Khooni Nadi, Rohini 25.1 Km
Malcha Mahal, Bistdari Road 9.2 Km
Bhuli Bhatiyari, Jhandewalan 2.8 Km
Karbala Graveyard 7.1 Km
Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque 17 Km
Nicholson’s Cemetery 6.8 Km
Chor Minar, Hauz Khaz 11.4 Km
Mutiny House, Kashmiri Gate 11.8 Km
Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station 21.1 Km
Dwarka Haunted Tree 21.1 Km

20 Real Haunted Places In Delhi That Will Scare You To Your Bones!

1. Delhi Cantonment, Cantt. 

Delhi Cantonment Delhi Cantonment becomes deserted at night and all you can see are some cars whizzing into the dark. From what we have heard, the atmosphere turns eerie as the night sets in. Many people claim to have seen a woman draped in a white sari asking for a lift. If denied, she runs fiercely alongside your car until you stop. This is truly a haunted place in Delhi.

Distance From The City Centre: 14.1 Km

2. Sanjay Van, Vasant Kunj

Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van is a vast stretch of a 10 km dense forest in the poshest area of Vasant Kunj. As the darkness upsurges, Sanjay Van turns into a forest of paranormal activities. Some of the visitors to the park admitted having heard shrill evil voices of children and an elderly woman. When people turn back to see what is happening, the voices coming from a distance suddenly stop. Many people also reported having gone through a series of pushes and slaps. This is one of the lesser haunted places in Delhi.

Distance From The City Centre: 20.5 Km

3. Delhi Ridge Area, South Central Delhi

Delhi Ridge Area

The ridge area in Delhi is encompassed with dense bushes. Whenever you pass by this area, there is an eerie stillness in the environment. Many people have witnessed the ghost of a British man carrying an ancient rifle. Also, many have reported unexplained disappearances from the area. This is one of the lesser known haunted places in Delhi.

Distance From The City Centre: 20.5 Km

4. Lothian Cemetery, Kashmere Gate

Lothian Cemetery

One of the spookiest places in Delhi, Lothian Cemetery was once the burial ground during the British era. On a new moon night aka ‘Amawas ki Raat’, the ghost of a headless soldier haunts the place to find his lost love. The rumoured ghost has said to have taken lives and those who got saved, still get terrified while recounting the events. This is one of the most interesting haunted places in Delhi.

Distance From The City Centre: 2.5 Km

5. House No. W-3, Greater Kailash I

House No W-3, GK -1

A house where the silent screeches turn into ghostly howls! Yes, House No W-3, GK-1 witnessed a horrifying murder of an elderly couple. Their dead bodies were later found in the water tanks. The neighbours have reported sobs and shrieking voices coming from the house. The passers-by have also experienced an eerie atmosphere around the house.

Distance From The City Centre: 18.3 Km

6. Firoz Shah Kotla Fort, Vikram Nagar

Firoz Shah Kotla Fort

Firoz Shah Kotla Fort is a deceased land built in the 14th century.  This place is said to have been haunted by Djinns who are believed  to often thrash and push people. Every Thursday evening, people light candles to please the Djinns. A few of the witnesses have agreed to the fact that they have been followed to their house by unseen identities.

Distance From The City Centre: 8.2 Km

7. Karkardooma Delhi Court, Karkardooma

Karkardooma Delhi Court

Karkardooma is a spooky court that has often been a part of many paranormal activities. The lawyers working at the Karkardooma Delhi Court have felt some eerie, unsuspecting activities themselves. A hazy figure roaming around the corridors of the Karkardooma court has been observed by many. The lights keep flickering every now and then creating an eerie atmosphere. All of these paranormal activities have also been recorded on camera. This is one of the most popular haunted placed in Delhi.

Distance From The City Centre: 9.6 Km

8. Khooni Darwaza, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg

Khooni Darwaza

To its name, the Khooni Darwaza is as nerve-racking as it sounds. This place has been named as Khooni Darwaza due to the brutal murders of three kings and several freedom fighters. The visitors have heard loud screeches and cries while visiting the Khooni Darwaza. The eerie surroundings send chills down the spine while you feel the presence of ghosts around. This haunted place in Delhi has a touch of history to it as well.

Distance From The City Centre: 8.6 Km

9. DDA Flats, Qutub Enclave Phase II

DDA Flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II

The Qutub Enclave Phase II is one of the most haunted places in Delhi. The residents of the society have often seen a dead mucky corpse hanging upside down from a tree. The area is believed to have been built on a graveyard. The passers-by have often heard evil laughter of a woman. A blood-curdling experience indeed!

Distance From The City Centre:  27 Km

10. Agrasen Ki Baoli, K G Marg

Agrasen Ki Baoli

As the darkness overcomes the bright day, this evil residence becomes creepiest of the places in Delhi. Agrasen Ki Baoli was once filled with black mystical water that lured people into committing suicide by drowning. While in the Baoli, you can hear the loud cries and screams during dusk. The gates of Agrasen Ki Baoli shut down by 6 PM every day as sunset heralds paranormal activities at this place.

Distance From The City Centre:  2.3 Km

11. Khooni Nadi, Rohini

Khooni Nadi, Rohini

With no blood streaming in this water body, it is its history and presence that would spook you! It is said that whoever dares to step into the river, never comes back to the shore alive. While none of the victims ever came back, the visitors are still sceptical about the deaths. They believe those could have been accidents or suicides. However incredulous as it sounds, you must think twice before stepping into the haunted place in Delhi called Khooni Nadi.

Distance From The City Centre:  25.1 Km

12. Malcha Mahal, Bistdari Road

Malcha Mahal, Bistdari Road

Once a Tughlaq era hunting lounge, Malcha Mahal is now a ruined place with a bizarre atmosphere. Enveloped by verdant forests, Malcha Mahal is often considered to be a place of invisible evil energies. While there have been no major cases of paranormal activity, Malcha Mahal still steals a place as one of the haunted places in Delhi.

Distance From The City Centre:  9.2 Km

13. Bhuli Bhatiyari, Jhandewalan

Bhuli Bhatiyari, Jhandewalan

The Tughlaq royalty built their memorials in the ancient era, but some of them exist today just to haunt us! This Mahal partially lies hidden inside the woods near Jhandewalan where the invisible spirits wander even in the daytime. The visitors at the Bhuli Bhatiyari claim to have heard some strange sounds.

Distance From The City Centre:  2.8 Km

14. Karbala Graveyard, Lodhi Road

Karbala Graveyard

Graveyards are gloomy and spooky, we all know that! What makes this Karbala Graveyard a lot scarier are the blood curdling screeches that can be heard as the night falls. The unsettling silence makes the grieving cries even more spine chilling. Among all graveyards, this is one of the most haunted places in Delhi in the cemetery category.

Distance From The City Centre:  7.1 Km

15. Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque, Mehrauli

Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

The sufi saints namely Jamali and Kamali were buried at this tomb in the year 1535. The visitors have reported to be lured near the graves even in the bright daylight. The more you get into the tomb, freakier the surroundings get. Many visitors have agreed to have been shoved and slapped by invisible energies.

Distance From The City Centre:  17 Km

16. Nicholson’s Cemetery, Civil Lines

Nicholson’s Cemetery

One of the oldest cemeteries in Delhi, Nicholson Cemetery is home to numerous British families. This cemetery is mostly in ruins and creates a horrendous environment as the dusk rises. Visitors to the cemetery have observed an invisible energy watching and following them. While most people reject these stories, there are few that would say with utmost confidence that this is the most haunted place in Delhi.

Distance From The City Centre:  6.8 Km

17. Chor Minar, Hauz Khaz

Chor Minar, Hauz Khaz

While on our way to Hauz Khaz Village, most of us have wondered what exactly is this tiny monument! Well, this haunted spot is known as the Chor Minar. The holes in the monument were created to punish the thieves wherein they were spiked with spears. The spirits of the thieves are said to haunt the premises during night time.

Distance From The City Centre:  11.4 Km

18. Mutiny House, Kashmiri Gate

Mutiny House, Kashmiri Gate

Mutiny house is an ancient monument that was built by the British to honour the British soldiers who lost their lives during the war. Visitors to the fort have felt a presence of unsettling energies that haunt the entire Mutiny house. Some  people have also reported to have witnessed the movement of wriggling limbs.

Distance From The City Centre:  11.8 Km

19. Sector-9 Metro Station, Dwarka

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

Ever thought that these new age metro stations can also be haunted? Yes, that is true! The Dwarka Sector-9 Metro station has been a part of many frightening stories. Often people have seen a figure of a woman emerging out of nowhere and disappearing in the dark. The loud cries can also be heard while you are waiting for the metro during the late hours. As described by some people, the spirit of a woman often forces a push and when you turn around, there is nobody behind you.

Distance From The City Centre:  21.1 Km

20. Dwarka Haunted Tree Dwarka Haunted Tree (Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station)

Dwarka has emerged to be a centre of spooky attractions! This haunted tree is going to give you the ‘creeps’ if you ever visit it after midnight. Many people have reported to been slapped without anybody being present. An invisible figure emerges from nowhere and slaps the commuters passing by the haunted tree. This place has had several rumours that confirm the fear of this place truly being a haunted place in Delhi.

Distance From The City Centre:  21.1 Km

If you are a brave and venturous soul, then its time you explored these most haunted places in Delhi.

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