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Swiggy is now synonymous with happy meal times. This popular Indian food delivery app was quick to take over their domain, giving tight competition to their foreign counterparts trying to find their spot in India.

Spread over 100 cities in India, Swiggy serves us unlimited cuisine options. Both Indian and global cuisines are now a click away. Here are some of the most popular American food chains available on Swiggy food delivery app:


The ‘healthy fast-food’. That’s what comes to our minds when we think of their customisable subs. Confused what to add to your sub next? With a few clicks of your finger, now you can try out your favourite combinations via Swiggy without any hassle.


McDonald’s definitely is one of the most favourite American food chains in India. Their wide assortment of yummy and economic burgers satiates the tastes of all. Not to forget that they have a special place in the hearts of our little ones with their ever so popular Happy Meal. Find all their meals and combos at great prices on the Swiggy app.


Quick to gain popularity as the elitist among cafes, Starbucks has had us all craving for their rich hot & cold brews. Now available on food delivery platforms like Swiggy, your favourite Starbucks delicacies come up at your doorsteps, any time of the day.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell chain of eateries brought in the much popular Mexican items into our menus – tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos. With interesting Indianisation of their Mexican specialities, Taco Bell sure has captured our taste for their authentic and fusion items. Find their delightful recipes on Swiggy now.

Pizza Hut

This American restaurant chain has been around for so long that we have forgotten it’s not Indian! Their range of pizzas are now dominated by popular Indian flavours. All their bases and toppings can be explored on the Swiggy app. Easier now to make the right pizza choice.

Apart from the listed favourites, Burger King, KFC, Domino’s, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts are other popular American food giants that have become regular names in our cities. And with food delivery getting popular, these brands have made way right into our households.

Domino’s  Pizza

Domino’s is now available on Swiggy and you can enjoy a huge variety of pizzas loaded with cheese, veggies and several other toppings! With an outlet in every major part of the city, Domino’s makes sure to deliver the pizza of your choice in no time! So get some cheese burst pizzas using Swiggy coupon codes to get amazing cashback opportunities by CashKaro!

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