Choosing the perfect domain extension for your business is a task which involves a lot of decision-making. You need to think about who the target audience are, how far the reach should be, what is the product or service that is being offered etc. But, before thinking of all that, you need to know what a domain extension actually is.

So, what exactly is a domain extension? A domain extension is the last part of a domain name. For example, in the domain name ‘’, the domain extension would be ‘.com’. Similarly, for ‘’, the domain extension is ‘.org’.

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Here are some of the most popular and commonly used domain extensions that you can consider choosing for your business:

.com (commercial)

.com is, by far, the most popular domain extension in the world. It was originally intended for commercial websites and profit businesses, but it is now the most sought-after domain extension by almost all businesses and hence, the most expensive one. But you can get it at a starting price of just Rs. 199 on GoDaddy.

.net (network)

As the name suggests, .net is generally meant for networking sites. It is also a good idea to go with .net if .com was your first choice, but the domain wasn’t available or was too expensive, because .net can imply network and technology. This makes audience more interested and hence, can drive more traffic to your site.

.org (organization)

This domain extension is perfect for non-profit or service-oriented organizations. Most NGOs, online communities and political parties tend to use .org extension. But, as popular as it is, it is highly recommended not to use this extension if your business is sales or profit-driven.

.info (information)

.info domain extension is ideal if your website is solely for the purpose of sharing knowledge or information and not for selling any products or services.

.me (personal)

This extension can be used for personal websites, blogs, forums etc. where there isn’t any professional or commercial use. It is great for informal, semi-formal content like online discussions, blogging etc.

There are various other domain extensions like .biz, .edu, .gov etc., but the above-mentioned ones are the most common ones that are used by popular websites across the world.

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