iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the world. The world-class product from Apple boasts of a fantastic camera among other features that stand out from the rest of the mobile phones available today. But if you are travelling with an iPhone, make sure you have a power bank. With a power bank, you will not have to think twice before opening the camera again or playing your favourite game. Check out these power banks that are available for iPhone!

1. Syska

Syska offers light and heavy portable chargers ranging from 2600 to 20,000 mAh. Syska offers features like charging two phones simultaneously and stylish designs to carry around. Opt for Syska if you are looking for powerful performance. The only downside is the time it takes to charge the power banks, which can be as much as 6 hours.

2. Portronics

Portronics produces innovative power banks that can multi-task. Portronics power banks can act as torches or even wallets. Some of the power banks even come with a digital screen. Some of the models are heavy and a little difficult to carry around. But overall, you will love this quality, innovative products.
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3. PNY

Powerful and efficient power banks from PNY are just what you need when you are stuck in traffic with low mobile battery. Its bent shape makes it easy to hold and carry around. The power banks come with an auto switch off feature, which saves battery once your device is fully charged. This is beneficial for the device as well. The downside is the time taken to charge the power bank and the high price.
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4. Philips

Philips produces quality power banks which are powerful as well. They can easily charge your device and still have a lot of charges left. Some of the models even have LED display which shows how much charge is remaining in the power bank. Philips offers good customer service as well and you can verify the product before you buy it. On the downside, your Philips power bank may take a lot of time to charge.
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5. Intex

You can buy powerful and affordable power banks from Intex. They come in different capacities and various features. Some of the models include up to 3 USB ports, which means you can charge 3 devices at once. Some Intex models include a torch while almost all models include LED indicators for the power bank’s battery status. Their most powerful products have a capacity of as much as 20000 mAh. The downside is that some may find the products too heavy to carry around.
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6. Ambrane

Ambrane is an Indian power bank brand. Their products have capacities ranging from 2200-26800 mAh. It makes elegant power banks some of which are even waterproof. A few models include a digital display that shows current battery status. iPhone users should be careful while buying though, since some of the products have an inbuilt micro USB cable. This will not be compatible with Apple’s charging cable.
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