All of us have faced trouble when our phones get discharged, and these are mostly those times when we need it the most. Now we can all relax as here are some of the best power banks from well-known companies. If you’re a OnePlus Mobile user or of any other mobile brand, you can choose a power bank according to your specifications from the names mentioned below.


The SSK Group, started its flagship company Shree SantKripa Appliances Pvt. Ltd in 1989. It has diversified over time bringing the best products for the audiences. Best recognized for Syska LED lights, Syska India company also brings fabulous accessories like power banks, speakers, headphones, Bluetooth headsets, chargers and cables, mobile cases and selfie sticks.

Buy Syska power banks that have a great battery life and lots of other features at low prices online.

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Pny brings convenient wall chargers and other mobile products with great features. Their power banks are compact, elegant and provide quick charging for mobiles or tablets. You can buy power banks from Pny India online to avail great discounts and deals!


Intex was incorporated in 1996 and is in the main league of companies for providing mobile handsets, consumer durables and IT accessories. Their Lithium-ion batteries have a long life, it provides multiple charging and in-built torch. Get unbelievable offers on Intex power banks online and save yourself from the horror of a discharged phone.


Ambrane power banks come in various capacities like Ambrane power bank 10000mah, 13000mah etc. You can choose power banks from Ambrane India according to battery size of your mobile phone or other needs. It is also known for its waterproof quality and has a loyal audience.

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There are many other noted brands to buy power banks from. You can also choose some of the best power banks under 1000 online!

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