Motorola Moto X5, 2018 Launch
Motorola Moto X5, 2018 Launch

Expected Release: June 20, 2018 (Unofficial)

The Lenovo owned Motorola has made some quality phones in the last few years. But after losing steam, it has chance to get back in the frontline with the new Moto X5.

What’s new about Moto X5:

  • It is said to have a 5.9 inch screen with an iPhone like notch display.
  • Moto X5 is loaded with dual camera setup at the back and front.
  • Moto XP’s, the smart AI assistant will power the phone instead of Google Assistant.
  • The phone can feature an upgrade from the Snapdragon 630 to 635 or even 845 with a probable 4GB RAM.
  • The dual camera at the front indicate facelock.

Expected price in India: Rs. 21,990

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