Motorola XT2025-2

A month back we had shared an exclusive leak for Motorola One Pro Press Renders. Today we are back with a leak covering a mobile phone from the Motorola XT Series. Recently, Wifi Alliance – the globally renowned Wi-Fi certification website had shared the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Interoperability Certificate for Motorola’s XT2025-2. The phone is speculated to be a variant of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certified Motorola XT2025-1. 

Motorola XT2025-2 Certification

The Wi-Fi certification reveals that the phone will run on Android Version P (Pie) Operating System and has been certified for connectivity with Wi-Fi certified b, g, n programs.  

The phone will come with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup access which will give way for security standards like WPA (enterprise, personal), WPA 2 (enterprise, personal) and Wi-Fi direct. As for the optimisation, the phone will be optimised for WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) and WMM Power Save feature. 

Motorola XT2025-2 Summary

As per the certification, the Motorola XT2025-2 will have a frequency range of 2.4 GHz band that will ensure better coverage for longer distances. While the phone is not placed under any moniker until now, Tech Publishing websites are also speculating it to be marketed as Moto E6.

As per a report, published by Notebook Check the phone could possibly come with greater ‘battery life and improved protection’. While this phone is assumed to be a variant of the Motorola XT2025-1, the phone might feature a 2 or 4 GB of memory paired with 32 or 64 GB of internal storage. A 3,000 mAh capacity that supports a 10W charging is also on the cards. 

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