5 Must-Try Vietnamese Dishes on Zomato Bangalore

We have always loved to travel and try different things in life. The same applies to the food we eat. For a change who doesn’t like to give your tongue a little taste from a different country. Bangalore is in awe with a new classic cusine from another part of the world, Vietnam. Vietnamese cusine unlike any other has fast picked up a flamboyant following in Bangalore, people are loving it and with the ease of getting this food delivered to your doorstep with Zomato, it is becoming even more popular every day.

Green Mango Salad:

Mango, cucumber, and carrot marinated in Vietnamese dressing and garnished with peanuts added with some mouth watery spices are absolutely delicious. You’d love this salad as a healthy yet tasty appetizer getting your ready for a full course meal to fill the tummy. You can add this to your order and avail amazing discounts by using Zomato coupons while ordering from Zomato.

Quang Noodles:

It is a must-try dish containing yellow rice noodles, chicken, lettuce, banana blossoms, bean sprouts, fragrant greens and herbs, boiled egg, rice paper crackle, peanuts & savory broth served with a slice of lemon, bird’s eye chili and Sriracha sauce. Amazing taste delivered to your doorstep by Zomato at even amazing discounts using Zomato promo codes.

Tamarind Chicken:

For the chicken lovers and enthusiasts, tamarind chicken is something you would not want to miss on. This is quite a delicious delicacy that costs around 200 Rs. You can also get a combo with curry and salad delivered to your doorstep at even cheaper discounts by using Zomato coupon codes while ordering from the Zomato app.

Chicken Pho:

Pho is the national dish of Vietnam, we use traditional herbs, fresh vegetables, and aromatic spices to develop our savory broths. Our authentic process & careful simmering methods develop a unique, lively flavor. Chicken pho is one of the best Vietnamese dishes to must try.

Chicken Momos:

Served steaming hot with Zomato making sure that the food is delivered to you also steaming hot only, this is an amazing dish that is also a lot popular amongst the chicken lovers in Bangalore. The Tangy spicy dip is the specialty when served in Vietnamese style.

These are some of the best Vietnamese cuisine dishes that you would love to order from Zomato. Don’t forget to grab Zomato promo codes from CashKaro before ordering food from Zomato.

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