Dear Diary,

I had a very rough day today. First of all, I woke up late in the morning because my natural alarm clock-My Mom wasn’t there to wake me up. As a result of which I reached late to office and got myself marked late for attendance. Then the lunch which I somehow managed to prepare tasted horrible. It had too much salt. I thought of reaching for some sweets in my bag but to my horror they weren’t there. I had forgotten to pack them. Damn! Dad had told me to make online payment for some bills before noon to avoid skipping deadline and penalty which I had forgotten too. I felt so bad! It was a very hectic day at work also today. But the thought of getting treated to scrumptious dinner at home brought my energy levels back. This cloud of bubble over my head soon evaporated when I realized that mom isn’t home today.

She left last night for her hometown because of some emergency. I wonder how she manages to do work of almost 10 people every day and still never complain about anything. No doubt, she is #MyWomanHero! I feel guilty about talking to her in a rough language just two days back when I couldn’t find my black socks. I blamed her for having misplaced them while re-arranging my wardrobe. I said sorry to her when I saw them in my shoes. I miss her so much. I am sure things will be back to square one once she comes back.


Meanwhile, this is what her mother wrote down in her diary on the same day:

Dear Diary,

Today was a very weird day. Usually, my day goes like this:

1 rytui

But today I didn’t had to listen to the dreaded sound of the alarm clock early in morning and drag myself out of bed. That feeling was obviously good but I wonder how things went at home and office. After discussing work with my colleagues, I had a conversation with my children. They sounded okay. However they kept saying “Sorry” and “You are the best mom in the world”. I guess they realized a bit that a woman wears a lot of hats and has to go through many struggles every day. I miss them so much. I can’t wait to get back home!

She is the one who takes care of you when you are sick

She is the one who still prepares food for you when she is sick

She is the one who worries about you when you are partying outside

She is the one who covers you with a blanket when you end up falling asleep on sofa

She’s the one who says “I am full” when the last piece of cake is left

She’s the one bears your tantrums when you are in a bad mood

She’s the one who prepares you scrumptious food to treat you after a tiring day at work

She’s the one who does the work of 20 people and yet expects nothing in return

She’s the one who has made several sacrifices for your success

She’s the one who has been supporting you selflessly since the day you were born

She’s the one you forget about when you achieve something!

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  1. #IWD2016 #WomensDay #ShareTheLoad #WomanHero
    My mom
    She’s just the most important asset in my life
    She’s trulyy my wonder woman
    My first love and would be with me until my last breath


    She was the first person i saw when i opend my eye and still each day when i wake up
    the first thing i want to see is my mom

    She’s really a hero for me
    A support for me throughout my life
    Whatever i am today
    Thats just because of her
    I owe what i am to my mom
    She’s been with me in all the good/& bad times of my life
    Motivated me ,
    supported me ,
    encouraged me ,
    scolded me
    And thats how she has moulded me?

    I still remember
    Whennever I’m late home for dinner
    She would wait for me
    Wouldnt have her dinner without me
    And would give her piece of bread for me
    She works day and night just for me and to bring a smile on my face
    That even without any complaints nor any salary
    I cant even imagine a life without her
    Hats off to her and all the wonderful moms for such a great piece of work they do
    It has really touched my heart all the women
    Out there wishing you a happy womens day??


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