MyProtein Impact Whey Protein: Review, Price and Nutrition

MyProtein is a European nutrition supplement brand that was founded in 2004. Their launch of new products every week of the year, has helped them grow from an emerging Sports Nutrition Brand in the UK to become the No. 1 in Europe. In this story we will see how MyProtein stands out as a brand and where it falls short.

Review of MyProtein Impact Whey (Cookies And Cream)

MyProtein Impact is one of MyProtein’s best-selling products

What Makes It Great

  • It is created from 100% premium whey protein concentrate
  • It is rated Grade A on LabDoor
  • It contains added enzymes for faster digestion
  • It is pocket friendly
  • It is gluten free & vegetarian
  • It comes in 51 different flavors

What It Lacks

  • It has artificial sweeteners added
  • Some users have complained about poor mixability

Why Buy MyProtein Products?

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein: Review, Price and Nutrition

  • All of its products have a 5 Star FSA rating for its exceptional Hygiene Standards
  • The British Retail Consortium have certified MyProtein with the AA GRADE for Food Safety
  • MyProtein products do not contain WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) banned and/or prohibited substances
  • It is much cheaper than most of the popular brands out there
  • Myprotein Impact Whey, Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate and other products are shipped directly from their warehouses to your doorstep, so it is as authentic as it can be. There is no middle man between you and the manufacturer

Products MyProtein Sells

  • Protein Supplements
  • Creatine
  • Tablets and Capsules
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino Acids
  • Bars, Food and Drinks
  • Workout Essentials
  • Clothing And Accessories


MyProtein is probably the best value protein to buy online. It ensures quality standards are met at each stage of the production process. They offer a wide range of products at affordable prices and thus have become the most popular brand across Europe.

If you don’t take any nutrition supplement, then it is advisable to begin with whey protein. It fulfills essential nutrition requirements, digests quickly and has proven benefits in muscle gain and fat loss.

Let us now understand why you should buy whey protein from MyProtein.

Nutrition Highlights

  • Serving size: 33 grams
  • Protein per serving: 21 grams (lower than average)
  • Energy/Calories : 103 kcal (Great for fat loss)
  • Total Fat: 1.9 grams
  • Glutamine: 3.6 gms
  • BCAA: 4.5 grams per serving (lower than average)

11 Important Questions About MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Answered

1. Are there any side effects of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein?

No, there are no side effects of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein, if consumed in advised quantity. Although if taken in larger amounts it may lead to weight gain problems, bloating and other stomach related problems. As these products contain mercury and other elements like these, consumption of these in higher amounts may lead to cancer or reproductive problems.

2. How many servings does MyProtein Impact Whey Protein have?

Serving Size of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein: 1 scoop (25gm)

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Servings Per Container: 40 (Approx.)

3. How do you use MyProtein Impact Whey Protein?

To consume MyProtein Impact Whey Protein take one scoop full of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein powder and add it to 150 – 250 ml of milk or water. For better results use milk.

4. How many calories are there in MyProtein Impact Whey Protein?

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein contains approx. 103 calories per serving.

5. What quantity of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein be taken in a day?

You can consume MyProtein Impact Whey Protein at any time of the day to increase your daily protein intake. Ideally one scoop of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein should be taken 30 minutes before and/or after your workout.

6. How many days does MyProtein Impact Whey Protein last?

Ideally it lasts up to 40 days if one scoop of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein is taken per day before or after your workout. But if you’re consuming it twice a day it will last for up to 20 days.

7. Does MyProtein Impact Whey Protein build muscle fast?

Yes, MyProtein Impact Whey Protein supports muscle growth and recovery as it increases the level of protein in your body. Take it along with a proper diet and workout and watch it work wonders on your body.

8. Can MyProtein Impact Whey Protein powder make you fat?

No, MyProtein Impact Whey Protein does not make you fat if taken in advised quantities.

9. Does MyProtein Impact Whey Protein increase height?

Yes, protein intake is responsible for increasing height too. If taken in adequate quantity along with proper diet and workout, MyProtein Impact Whey Protein will also help in increasing height.

10. How to know if MyProtein Impact Whey Protein is not good for consumption?

If your MyProtein Impact Whey Protein has gone bad, it will exude a stale smell. Apart from this you may see small wet clumps in the powder if it has come in to contact with moisture.

11. In how much time does MyProtein Impact Whey Protein powder actually expire?

The actual shelf life of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein is approx. 18 months.

Prices And Where To Buy

MyProtein is a UK based company. However, there are various online retailers that sell this product in India.

However, if you shop through you can compare prices across several retailers, enjoy discounts and most importantly earn cashback.

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