Nagarmotha - Benefits - Uses - How To Consume - Side Effects

What is Nagarmotha?

  • Nagarmotha is a weed found in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions of India
  • It is an Ayurvedic herb and has a wide number of applications
  • Nagarmotha has a cold potency and is pungent and bitter to taste
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Uses and Benefits of Nagarmotha

  • It is helpful in easy digestion
  • The Nagarmotha oil is used to treat pains associated with the uterus
  • Its root is useful in case of snake bites
  • It helps in reducing weight
  • Nagarmotha also helps to maintain sufficient levels of good cholesterol
  • It is also effective in maintaining gastrointestinal health
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How to consume Nagarmotha

  • For fever

Boil water with Nagarmotha, Parpatak, and Shunthi

  • For diarrhea

Take a decoction of Nagarmotha with honey

  • For Jaundice

Make a decoction of Nagarmotha, iron bhasma and khadira

Side effects of Nagarmotha

  • As such, there are no known side effects
  • Consult your physician before consumption and in case you experience any uneasiness post consumption
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