Netflix Customer Care Numbers: Netflix India Toll Free Helpline & Complaint Contact No.

We bring to you Netflix customer care numbers, toll free numbers as well as helpline numbers. Netflix is a California based media service provider. Get all your queries related to watching TV shows and movies answered by calling the Netflix customer care numbers.

Netflix Customer Care Numbers: Netflix India Toll Free Helpline & Complaint Contact No.

Netflix Customer Care Details Netflix Customer Care Numbers
Netflix Customer Care Number 0800 096 6380
Netflix Toll Free Number 888-638-3549
Netflix Helpline Number 800-585-8131
Netflix Complaint Number 18665797172
Netflix Contact Number (408) 540-3700

Online Complaint: Netflix Customer Support Online

Logon to Netflix site and follow this link :

The help centre page will display a search bar besides several frequently asked questions categorised under categories like ‘watching Netflix’, ‘resolve issues’ and more.

There is also a contact us section at the bottom of the page wherein customers can start a live chat as well as call up Netflix via their Android or IOS devices.

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FAQ’s About Netflix Customer Care Numbers

What is a Netflix’s helpline Number?

Netflix offers helpline number to answer all issues related to Netflix subscription.

What is a Netflix Customer Care Toll Free Number?

Netflix offers a service helpline number as customer care toll free number to resolve customer issues related to Netflix.

What is the difference between Netflix contact number and Netflix Enquiry/ Customer care number?

Netflix contact number is the office number of Netflix’s California office while its enquiry/ customer care number is the number which customers can call to get their queries answered.

How effective are Netflix Customer Care Numbers?

Netflix is a reputed company having worldwide operations. Though customers will have to wait for a while to get their issues resolved, Netflix customer care numbers are quite helpful in solving the issue at hand.

Can I Call Netflix Customer care numbers at night?

Yes, you can call Netflix customer care numbers at night.

What are the timings for Netflix Customer Care Toll Free Numbers?

Netflix customer care toll free numbers can be called 24*7.

Are Netflix Helpline Numbers reachable all days of the week?

Yes, Netflix helpline numbers can be reached all days of the week.

How does Netflix charge customer’s account?

The monthly service of Netflix will charge the customer automatically every month on the date on which the customer signed up.

How do customers set parental controls on Netflix account?

Parental controls can be set on Netflix account by setting a 4 digit PIN that must be keyed in to view any TV show or movie which is above the age maturity level for the profile selected.

Other Customer Care Numbers

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