Netmeds Customer Care Numbers: Netmeds Toll free Helpline, Enquiry & Contact Number

One of the largest online medical marketplace, Netmeds is a trusted choice for buying medicines online when it comes to quality and pricing. A convenient way of buying medicines whenever you require them, Netmeds has been successfully growing its customer base ever since its incorporation in 2010 and thus has a dedicated Netmeds Customer Care and Netmeds Contact number for any customer inquiries or complaints.

Netmeds Customer Care Numbers: Netmeds Toll Free Helpline Complaint No.

Netmeds Customer Care Details Netmeds Customer Care Numbers
Netmeds Customer Care Number 7200712345
Netmeds Toll Free Numbers 18001030304
Netmeds Customer Support Email ID

Online Complaint: Netmeds Customer Support Online

  1. Visit Netmeds’ official website or follow the link:
  2. Fill in the required details, enter the captcha and submit.
  3. To view FAQ’s on general queries visit:

Netmeds Contact

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Netmeds Customer Care Numbers – FAQ’s

1. What is a Netmeds Helpline Number?

A Netmeds Helpline number is used when you wish to seek help from Netmeds Customer Care officials.

2. What is a Netmeds Toll free Number?

A toll free number is the one which when called does not levy any charges on your call, thus enabling you to contact Netmeds Customer Care officials free of cost.

3. What is the difference between Netmeds Contact Number & Netmeds Enquiry Number?

Netmeds Contact number can be used when you need to contact the Netmeds Customer Care officials for any feedbacks or suggestions that you may have, while Netmeds Enquiry number is used when you need to enquire about something from Netmeds representatives.

4. How effective are Netmeds Complaint Numbers?

Being a company that serves millions of people in India, Netmeds has an established team of Customer Care officials who are always ready to handle your complaints and resolve them in the best possible time.

5. Can I Call Netmeds Customer care numbers at night?

No, you cannot call Netmeds Customer Care numbers at night.

6. What are the timings for Netmeds Customer Care Toll free Numbers?

Netmeds Customer Care Toll free numbers work for 8:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. IST on Mondays to Saturdays while on Sunday the numbers are reachable from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. IST.

7. Are Netmeds Helpline Numbers reachable all days of the week?

Yes, Netmeds Helpline numbers are reachable on all days of the week.

8. Can I change my address if my order hasn’t been shipped yet?

Yes you can change your address, if your order hasn’t been shipped yet. Call Netmeds Customer Care to help you through.

9. What if I have any additional queries?

If you have any additional queries, feel free to contact Netmeds Customer Care Numbers.

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