BSNL Net Pack List: Updated Data Pack with Price

Bharat Sanchar Nagar Nigam is headquartered in New Delhi and it provides telecom services and network management in many parts of India. It is said that it is the fifth largest telephone provider in India. BSNL provides SMS, ISD, STD, local calls, rate cutter, lifetime validity, unlimited talk time, 3G/4G, data and many more packs. We have prepared a list about the BSNL Net Pack for the different regions in India. So check them out.

BSNL Net Pack List for North India

CircleBSNL 4G Net PacksBSNL Data Pack ValidityPrice*
Haryana2 GB1 DayRs. 19
Haryana10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Haryana2 GB/Day22 DaysRs. 98
Haryana40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Haryana2 GB/Day54 DaysRs. 198
Haryana70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
Himachal Pradesh2 GB1 DayRs. 19
Himachal Pradesh10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Himachal Pradesh2 GB/Day22 DaysRs. 98
Himachal Pradesh40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Himachal Pradesh2 GB/Day54 DaysRs. 198
Himachal Pradesh70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
Jammu Kashmir2 GB1 DayRs. 19
Jammu Kashmir10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Jammu Kashmir2 GB/Day22 DaysRs. 98
Jammu Kashmir40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Jammu Kashmir2 GB/Day54 DaysRs. 198
Jammu Kashmir70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh2 GB1 DayRs. 16
Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
Maharashtra2 GB1 DayRs. 16
Maharashtra10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Maharashtra40 GB30 DaysRs. 77
Maharashtra2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
Maharashtra2 GB / Day28 DaysRs. 139
Maharashtra70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
North East2 GB1 DayRs. 13
North East1 GB5 DaysRs. 29
North East40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
North East2 GB / Day54 DaysRs. 198
North East70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
Punjab2 GB1 DayRs. 19
Punjab10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Punjab2 GB/Day22 DaysRs. 98
Punjab40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Punjab2 GB/Day54 DaysRs. 198
Punjab70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
Rajasthan2 GB1 DayRs. 19
Rajasthan10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Rajasthan2 GB/Day22 DaysRs. 98
Rajasthan40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Rajasthan2 GB/Day54 DaysRs. 198
Rajasthan70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
UP East2 GB1 DayRs. 19
UP East10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
UP East2 GB/Day22 DaysRs. 98
UP East40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
UP East2 GB/Day54 DaysRs. 198
UP East70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
UP West2 GB1 DayRs. 19
UP West10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
UP West2 GB/Day22 DaysRs. 98
UP West40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
UP West2 GB/Day54 DaysRs. 198
UP West70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
*Prices are subject to change

BSNL Net Pack List for South India

CircleBSNL 4G Net PacksBSNL Data Pack ValidityPrice*
Andhra Pradesh2 GB1 DayRs. 16
Andhra Pradesh5 GB30 DaysRs. 48
Andhra Pradesh10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Andhra Pradesh11 GB30 DaysRs. 96
Andhra Pradesh2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
Andhra Pradesh40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Andhra Pradesh2 GB / Day 50 DaysRs. 198
Andhra Pradesh70 GB 28 DaysRs. 251
Chennai2 GB1 DayRs. 16
Chennai10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Chennai2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
Chennai40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Chennai2 GB / Day54 DaysRs. 198
Chennai70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
Karnataka2 GB1 DayRs. 16
Karnataka150 MB3 DaysRs. 31
Karnataka10 GB10 DaysRs. 57
Karnataka2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
Karnataka40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Karnataka1 GB17 DaysRs. 178
Karnataka2 GB / Day54 DaysRs. 198
Karnataka2.7 GB30 DaysRs. 241
Karnataka70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
Karnataka6 GB180 DaysRs. 597
Karnataka14 GB365 DaysRs. 1197
Kerala2 GB1 DayRs. 16
Kerala150 MB3 DaysRs. 27
Kerala200 MB5 DaysRs. 33
Kerala10 GB10 DaysRs. 57
Kerala2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
Kerala40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Kerala1 GB17 DaysRs. 178
Kerala2 GB / Day45 DaysRs. 198
Kerala2.5 GB / Day30 DaysRs. 241
Kerala70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
Kerala6 GB180 DaysRs. 597
Kerala3 GB / Day240 DaysRs. 998
Kerala14 GB365 DaysRs. 1197
Tamil Nadu2 GB1 DayRs. 16
Tamil Nadu10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Tamil Nadu2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
Tamil Nadu40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Tamil Nadu2 GB / Day54 DaysRs. 198
Tamil Nadu70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
*Prices are subject to change

BSNL Net Recharge Plans for Rest Of India

CircleBSNL 4G Net PacksBSNL Net Pack ValidityPrice*
Assam2 GB 1 DayRs. 13
Assam10 GB 10 DaysRs. 56
Assam2 GB / Day 22 DaysRs. 98
Assam40 GB 28 DaysRs. 151
Assam2 GB / Day54 DaysRs. 198
Assam70 GB 28 DaysRs. 251
Bihar Jharkhand2 GB 1 DayRs. 13
Bihar Jharkhand10 GB 10 DaysRs. 56
Bihar Jharkhand2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
Bihar Jharkhand2 GB / Day54 DaysRs. 198
Gujarat2 GB1 DayRs. 16
Gujarat10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Gujarat2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
Gujarat40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Gujarat70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
Kolkata2 GB1 DayRs. 13
Kolkata10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Kolkata2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
Kolkata40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Kolkata2 GB / Day54 DaysRs. 198
Orissa2 GB1 DayRs. 13
Orissa1 GB5 DaysRs. 29
Orissa10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
Orissa500 MB28 DaysRs. 68
Orissa2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
Orissa1 GB / Day28 DaysRs. 149
Orissa40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
Orissa2 GB / Day54 DaysRs. 198
Orissa70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
Orissa2 GB / Day240 DaysRs. 998
West Bengal2 GB1 DayRs. 13
West Bengal1 GB5 DaysRs. 29
West Bengal10 GB10 DaysRs. 56
West Bengal2 GB / Day22 DaysRs. 98
West Bengal40 GB28 DaysRs. 151
West Bengal2 GB / Day54 DaysRs. 198
West Bengal70 GB28 DaysRs. 251
West Bengal2 GB / Day240 DaysRs. 998
*Prices are subject to change

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