New Year is when new beginnings blossom and beautiful memories of the past year are recalled. Your wife has been a part of your journey, so expressing how much she means to you this New Year will be the best gift for her. Pick from the most thoughtful new year gifts for wife. Make her feel super special with these gifts.

Add the sparkle of your love this New Year into your wife’s life with the best New Year gifts. So, here are some handpicked New Year gift ideas for you to make your beginnings memorable.

Here are 10 New Year Gifts for Your Wife To Mark A Beautiful Beginning

1. Dinner for A Romantic Rendezvous

Dinner for A Romantic Rendezvous

Available on: Nearbuy
Price: Rs.1000 onwards

Ignite the spark of your love by booking a romantic dinner for your wife. Book a candle light dinner at some swanky restaurant that she will love. Spend some joyous moments with her and let her know how special she is to you. Witness a bright smile across her face in those intimate settings. Relish some of the most exotic delicacies with her. This romantic dinner will make for a perfect surprise gift for your wife this New Year.

2. Amazon Echo to Make Life Simpler

Amazon Echo to Make Life Simpler

Available on: Amazon
Price: Rs.3499 onwards

Gift your wife her personal attendant “Alexa” this New Year. Make her life simpler and more comfortable. These smart speakers developed by Amazon will make your wife’s everyday work easier. From playing music tracks to making to-do lists, Alexa can help her with everything. If you love to see your beloved at ease then Amazon Echo is the one for you.

3. A Spa Package for Rejuvenation

A Spa Package for Rejuvenation


Available on: Urbanclap
Price: Rs.1199 onwards

What would be perfect than kick starting your year with a relaxing spa! This New Year gift for your wife will rejuvenate her from the past year’s stress so she can start the year afresh. The massage therapy will not only provide her relaxation but boost her immune system as well. So gift her a spa package this New Year’s and welcome the year blissfully and stress-free.

4. Scented Candles for Adding Sweet Fragrance

Scented Candles for Adding Sweet SmellsAvailable on: Flipkart
Price: Rs.249 onwards

Let the aroma of your love make this New Year for your wife amazing. Gift her some scented candles that are surely going to make her feel elated. These scented candles are a great way of expressing how much you want her upcoming year to be as fragrant and pure as these. Whenever she will light these candles, she will be reminded of your love for her. Purchase her favourite aromatic candles and scribble down a small note with some heartfelt messages.

5. Classic Jewellery to Reminisce Olden Days

Classic Jewellery to Reminisce Olden Days

Available on: Bluestone
Price: Rs.5000 onwards

A gift that can be cherished forever is what your wife will love. Gift her some classic jewellery that she would love to possess. Present her with beautiful embellished jewellery items in classic designs like bracelets, earrings, pendant, necklace, and rings. She would appreciate your efforts when she glances at those beautiful pieces. Gift New Year wishes in 2019 with classic pieces of jewellery that will mark the beginning of beautiful memories.

6. Wine Making Kit to Pour Happiness

Wine Making Kit to Pour Happiness

Available on: Amazon
Price: Rs.689 onwards

Is your wife a wine lover? If yes, then go out-of-the-box and gift her a winemaking kit. You can enjoy some quality time with her while making this classic beverage. This is one of the best New Year gift ideas for your wife if you are looking to add a more romantic sparkle. Pour each other a glass of self-made wine in her favourite crystal glass. Gifting her this wine making kit is a great way of expressing how much you adore her and want her to explore this beautiful winemaking activity.

7. A Weekend Getaway to Beat the Stress

A Weekend Getaway to Beat the StressAvailable on: MakeMyTrip
Price: Rs.7000 onwards

If your wife is a travel buff, then book a trip for a weekend getaway right away. This surprise is surely going to make her heart skip a beat this New Year. Book a trip to the misty mountains or to the lovely beaches for a perfect getaway. Let her know how special she is to you by taking her on a dreamy weekend escapade.

8. Jewellery Box for A Special Surprise

Jewellery Box

Available on: Flipkart
Price: Rs.195 onwards

A present that she can preserve for a lifetime makes for the best gift for your wife. If your wife absolutely loves to accessorize, then nothing would suffice other than gifting her a jewellery box. A box in which she can treasure her precious jewels is one of the most thoughtful gifts for wife. Let her know how much you would love for her to treasure her precious possessions in this beautifully designed box.

9. Coffee Maker for A Refreshing Start

Coffee Maker for A Refreshing Start

Available on: Amazon
Price: Rs.395 onwards

Make a fresh start to the year by gifting your wife a coffee maker! Your wife’s mornings will be a lot more refreshing than usual with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. It is bound to make her happy and you would love to gaze at that sweet smile on her face. Your care for her will reflect through that coffee maker whenever she will pour some coffee for herself.

10. Designer Handbag to Never Go Out of Style

Designer Handbag to Never Go Out of StyleAvailable on: Myntra
Price: Rs.3000 onwards

Thinking about that last-minute gift for your wife this New Year? If yes, then gift her a gorgeous designer handbag that she can flaunt in her social circle. Buy her the hand bag that she has been eyeing recently. This will be an elegant New Year gift for her that she can effortlessly carry to some special events. Whenever she will carry that bag, she will remember your sweet efforts to make her feel happy.

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