With the New Year gradually approaching, we all cannot help but think about the year that has gone by. Come December, we start indulging in retrospection of the events of the year gone by. This is when, after re-evaluating all our actions and choices, we make some New Year resolutions.

These resolutions are our quest to make our lives more meaningful and better. New Year resolutions hold different meaning for different people. For some, a new year resolution can mean starting afresh with a new diet and exercise regimen while for a few others, it may mean trying out a new vocation to upskill.

However, keeping in mind how difficult it is for most people to stick to their resolutions, we have made a New Year’s resolution list which is easy enough for you to give a try (because, let’s accept it, we cannot deal with the serious, difficult ones we always make).

Read further to get some New Year resolution ideas that will definitely help you in making your New Year’s resolution for 2019.

 List of Top 10 New Year Resolution Ideas 

1. Get Back In Shape

This has been one of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions every year. After all the hype and hoopla around the New Year’s Eve dies out and you are done with the new year celebrations, the only thing that remains with you is a bloated tummy and added pounds.

You would be lying if you said you didn’t make this resolution of losing weight and getting fit a few times yourself. Take this challenge seriously and start working out. To begin with, start easy and then gradually increase the intensity of your workout routine.

A sedentary lifestyle can give you a lot of health problems if you don’t exercise and keep fit. An exercise regimen is an absolute necessity and you must commit to this resolution.

2. Go for a Wellness Holiday to Detox Yourself

We all should take off from everything once in a while to spend time with ourselves for spiritual growth and mental contentment. There are several comfortable stays in various parts of India that offer nutritious food, yoga, massage, and detox therapies.

At these tranquil retreats, travellers are encouraged to connect with local cultures—through surfing, art, and cooking classes—as well as reconnect with themselves. These ashram-style stays use Ayurveda to cleanse your system and rejuvenate you so that you return from this holiday with a boost in your energy levels.

3. Befriend Books

Reading is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It is a great exercise for your mind and it also provides you with varied perspectives along with knowledge. Moreover, reading can help you improve your concentration and focus better on whatever you do.

It is not just a New Year resolution for students, but anyone can benefit from it. Pick a book of any genre that you like and start reading religiously. You will be amazed at the results it fetches you. Alternatively, to support your reading endeavours, you can buy an Amazon Kindle which would make your reading experience more convenient and hassle-free.

4. Get Self-Defence Training

The ability to ensure your own safety and also the safety of the people close to you is a very important skillset which we all must have.

It is not an easy process and you need to learn how to conduct yourself, what kind of behaviour to look out for in others and what to do in a particular situation. Make this unique new year’s resolution for the upcoming year and learn how to defend yourself.

5. Meditate For Mental Peace

Owing to our busy work-lives and hectic schedules we do not get any time to relax or rejuvenate ourselves and end up burning ourselves out. We are exhausted mentally as well as physically. To combat this issue there is a very simple and highly efficient remedy which is meditation.

Meditation helps us reduce stress and achieve peace of mind along with better focus. You can start with simple meditation techniques such as concentration meditation and mindfulness meditation. Meditation is something very simple and essential that we must include in our New Year’s resolutions.

6. Quit Smoking (this time, positively!)

Cigarettes are a pathetic addiction that some of us have. We know it is bad for our health and we want to stop smoking but we can’t. Every New Year, a resolution is made but we give in way too sooner than we even decided to quit. Be firm this time and say no to cigarettes.

They are not only harmful to your health but also burn a hole in your pocket. Start reducing the number of cigarettes every day. An electronic cigarette can also help you in quitting and getting back to a healthy lifestyle.

7. Let Lose Your Wanderlust

Travelling is a very important part of life that really helps us learn so much and grow in ways inexplicable. This year, resolve to go for all those trips you have been planning since so long. Do not make any excuses and set your travel spirit free.

Go for as many trips as you can manage to go to, with friends or solo. Travelling does not always mean spending a lot of money. There are some off-beat travel spots in India which are not expensive. Take a break from your monotonous, humdrum life and visit a place of your choice.

8. Manage Your Time Well

Some of us have this bad habit of procrastinating and it ends up wrecking our time management completely. Begin your New Year’s day 2019 with the resolution of valuing time and not procrastinating. Learning time management is very important in order to be successful.

However easy this resolution may sound, it isn’t as easy when you start following it. Stick to this resolution to be respected by everyone and become more efficient in whatever you do. A few things that can help you manage your time well is by prioritising tasks wisely, developing the courage to say no, delegating more often, planning ahead and doing many more such things.

9. Volunteer

Helping someone who is not privileged gives immense contentment and happiness. Join an NGO or any organisation that caters to helping and taking care of the poor and destitute or animals, whatever you wish to volunteer for.

Interacting with these people and getting to know them closely will teach you a lot about gratitude and kindness. This resolution is a step towards making you a better human being. Let it be a happy new year 2019 for those poor and destitute as well.

10. Learn a new skill

Among all the funny new year’s resolution ideas you might be thinking of, incorporate this fun as well as useful resolution too. We are never too old to learn something new. With so much happening around us all the time, it only makes sense that we buckle up and start learning more so that we don’t remain unaware or ignorant.

This skill can be anything you want, a new language, coding, software knowledge, sculpting etc. The thrill of learning something new will lift your spirits and mood.


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