Nextra is a world-class internet provider catering to home and business segments. Their name literally means the “Next Era” of broadband with the mission being to enable bandwidth for more with tailored offerings for more speed, entertainment, flexibility, devices and more overall value.

nextra broadband customer care number

Nextra Customer Care Number, Complaint & Helpline No.

Nextra Broadband Customer Care DetailsNextra Customer Care Number
Nextra Customer Care Number1800-419-8050 (Nextra Toll Free Number)
Nextra Contact Number9212599911 (Nextra Helpline Number)
Nextra Customer Care Email

You can avail services from Nextra Custome Care to either submit a complaint, seek a new connection or make Nextra Bill Payment. For other details you can also visit their website or call on Nextra Customer Care no. 9212599911.


How To Make Complaints about Nextra Broadband?

Use your landline or mobile phone to call Nextra customer care number. By doing so you can register complaints and resolve queries. rest assured, Nextra broadband customer service and Nextra customer support is exceptional.

Do I get Charged For Calling Nextra Complaint Numbers or Nextra Helpline Numbers?

Yes! Not all Nextra Helpline numbers, Nextra Complaint numbers & Nextra Customer Care no. are free of charge. However, you can always call the Nextra Customer Care Toll Free Numbers. By calling the Nextra toll free number you can be avoid getting charged for the call.

How Can I Get a New Nextra Connection?

You can call one of the aforementioned Nextra customer care no. to request a new connection. Instead of calling Nextra customer care number, you can also write to them.

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