The much-awaited FIFA World Cup comes to its business end not just for the teams but also for the brands involved. Nike and Adidas are two biggies in the world of sports, who sponsored kits for the teams participated in the FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia. The international soccer tournament has become a commercial dream for sportswear companies like Nike and Adidas.

Since 1970, Adidas has been an official partner and sponsor of FIFA. It spends much of its money on ball branding, referee gear and placement around the stadium. Whereas, Nike banks on individual stars, sponsoring players and teams, outfitting them from head to toe.

Adidas unluckily saw its last team Belgium getting knocked out of the tournament against the Nike sponsored team France. The main goal of a brand is visibility and sponsorship, a team’s good performance in a semi-final or the final undoubtedly gives a boost to any brand.

Even if Adidas isn’t in the final of the world cup, they are leading the Global Football Market.

Brands  Wholesale Value in Million Pound Wholesale Market Share
Nike 2,053 29
Adidas 1,804 26
Puma 480 7


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