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Nikon is in the process of developing a biometric sensor array for its range of cameras. This unique feature would be able to identify biological information and emotions experienced by the person taking a photograph. This was revealed as per a patent filing report found by New Camera, BRG reports.

According to the Japanese patent, the DSLR camera’s lens are fitted with sensors into the sides, the front and back of the body. These sensors can read the heart rate, blood flow, amount of sweat generated, body temperature as well as the user’s grip. The images that come along with the document showcase a thumb scanner located behind the camera, a fingerprint sensor alongside the shutter button, sensors for two fingers along with the thumb of the other hand on both sides of the lens.

According to New Camera, the translated patent document states that the display device is inclusive of an input unit for entering biometric details of a photographer at the moment of taking the photograph, a display unit for showing the image as well as a processing unit for gauging an emotion at the time of taking the photograph. This can be achieved from the biological details of the photographer and processing an image to be presented on the display unit based on the estimated emotion.

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