Nokia 10, 2018 Launch News

Nokia 10 Launch

Nokia 10 Launch

Expected Release: August 31, 2018 (Unofficial)

The Nokia 10 is rumoured to be released this August at the IFA 2018. The rumours on Chinese social media suggest that the phone could feature a 5 lens setups at the rear. The Nokia 10 is also speculated to actually be the Nokia 8 Pro. However any solid news or report is still lacking.

What’s new about Nokia 10:

  • Leaked sketches show a 5 lens setup with a fingerprint sensor and dual LED at the rear of a possible Nokia 10 phone.
  • The phone could run on Snapdragon 845, a powerful chip which has the ability of running upto 7 cameras.

Expected Price in India: Rs. 39,999

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