Noni Capsules - Benefits - Uses - How To Consume - Side Effects

What are Noni capsules?

  • The Noni Tree is mainly found in Asia and Australia
  • It is also known as morinda, ach, achi, anino, awltree, bengkudu and over 10 more names
  • Noni Capsules are made out of the Noni fruit.
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Benefits and Uses of Noni Capsules

  • They help in treating diabetes, high blood pressure and inflammation.
  • They also help in cold and flu.
  • They reduce bacterial infections and diarrhea in children
  • Noni capsules are also beneficial in cases of vomiting, asthma, depression
  • They help in the treatment of tuberculosis, seizures, burns ulcers and different kinds of infections.
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How to Consume Noni Capsules

  • Consumption of 500 mg daily is considered to be safe
  • Consult a physician before consumption

Side effects of Noni Capsules

  • There are no known side effects of Noni Capsules
  • Due to lack of proper knowledge, avoid if pregnant or lactating
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