Guilty of eating Nutella straight out of the jar? (Well, I am!). I was thinking about what new delicacies to try this weekend and came across these really yummy delicacies that, when coupled with countless Zomato offers and Zomato coupons, can help you have a weekend full of sugar rush!

Nutella Cigar Rolls

Pier 38 creates the best Nutella Cigar Rolls that you must try! The melted Nutella stuffed inside fried flaky rolls will make you fall in love at first sight! Go get it from Pier 38 and don’t forget to use Zomato coupon codes to save some bucks while you are at it!

Nutella Cheesecake

Remember the episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where Chandler and Rach end up eating cheesecake off the floor? Well, it’s about time you try out Nutella cheesecake and maybe you’ll understand why they were fighting over one like crazy! Order them using Zomato promo codes by CashKaro but make sure it doesn’t fall when it reaches your doorstep!

Nutella Fried Oreos

Ever craved for Oreos and Nutella at once? You can now have this heavenly combo at CJ’s Fresh! The name is enough to give an idea of what it’s all about but if you aren’t convinced, then check it out on Zomato food delivery app and fall in love with the endearing fried Oreos with melted Nutella and get some for your loved ones at reduced prices using Zomato offers by CashKaro!

Nutella Cupcakes

Nutella is no less than Midas as every dish turns into edible gold when Nutella is added to it and cupcakes are no exception! For God’s Cake is one such bakery that makes Nutella cupcakes that are heavenly in taste. Order these yummy delights without spending much with the help of Zomato promo codes and make your winter evening sweeter!

Nutella Dosa

Ever wondered how well Nutella would go with South Indian food? Well the chefs of The Great Indian Dosa did and came up with Nutella Dosas which caught the attention of the DU students and is being served in quite a few South Indian/Dosa joints! Check out where you can get one and don’t forget to use the Zomato coupon codes to get cashbacks!

Tell us what else this heavenly spread can be mixed with and spread the love (for Nutella)! Use the Zomato coupons available on CashKaro to order these delicacies and get cashback and discounts on every order!

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