Nykaa Network: Our Pocket Guide To Beauty

Nykaa Network

The online beauty marketplace, Nykaa, launched Nykaa Network last year, a platform where people can chat with each other on anything and everything that is beauty related. Be it make-up and skincare, or beauty procedures and personal care, this interactive platform has space for all the above and more. They even added a subject called ‘icky beauty’, which covers topics such as acne, body hair, smelly feet, etc. Once you pick topics of your interest, your feed will be filled with queries and posts regarding them. You are free to reply to the questions posed by fellow beauty devotees, or you may ask some yourself.

What Is Nykaa Network?

Nykaa Network is a platform where like-minded people converse on beauty-related topics. You can ask questions about an issue that you may have in mind, can seek product reviews, share photos of your favourite looks and can also ask or give beauty tips. This platform helps you make an informed choice about all things beauty.

Topics Discussed On Nykaa Network

There are nine topics that Nykaa Network has divided the discussion boards in. The topics are as follows.

  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Personal Care
  • Bridal
  • Trending
  • Hair
  • Health & Wellness
  • Beauty Procedures
  • Icky Beauty

Frequently Asked Questions about Nykaa Network

1. Will others be able to see my profile and what questions or answers I’ve written?

Yes, people can visit your profile and check out your contribution to the Network.

2. Are the questions on Nykaa Network genuinely asked by people?

As mentioned by Madhavi Irani, Chief Officer – Content at Nykaa, in an interview, 85% of all questions and answers on the Nykaa Network are organic.

3. Does Nykaa promote specific brands in its posts on the network?

No, Nykaa does not make any effort to push brand agenda or promote specific brands in its posts on the Network.

4. Can I trust the suggestions given to me on this network?

Yes, you can trust the suggestions given on this Network. All the opinions are presented to give an authentic and unbiased viewpoint to the readers and subscribers. The network also provides video advice from India’s leading experts on make-up, skin care, health, wellness, and hair.

5. Is there any eligibility criteria for joining Nykaa Network?

No, there is no eligibility criteria for joining this platform. All you need to have is an account on Nykaa and you’re through.

6. Instead of asking a question, can I just share something that interests me?

Yes, you can also share your views and ideas on relevant topics for people to read. It’s not just a place for questions and answers. For instance, instead of posting a query, you can review a product and ask the subscribers what they think about it.

7. Once I join Nykaa Network, is it necessary for me to answer others or will asking questions be enough?

No, it’s neither important for you to ask questions, nor answer any questions once you’ve joined the Network. You can be a silent reader too.

So, the next time you have any confusion regarding beauty, you don’t have to wait for your girlfriends to reply on the WhatsApp group, just join the Nykaa Network and ask away!


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