Everyone is looking for the fastest, effortless, mind-blowing strategies to get rid of that belly fat and walk smart in shape. Your neighbour has a pet dog to run after, in order to lose weight by running and your brother is going to the gym every morning to burn those calories from last-night’s spicy butter chicken. Your sister, while on her late-teens, is cutting down on cheese, oil and desserts to look like an angelic goddess. But this obsession about weight loss and being in shape can cause a host of health problems that people aren’t mostly aware of!

There’s a whole list of problems you could get if your weight-loss strategy fails or has too many risks attached to it. Read on to find out what they are.

Losing weight through diet pills

weight-loss-pThere’s no bigger metabolic sin you can commit than controlling your body using weight-loss supplements and dieting pills. These medicines prevent hunger pangs, reduce food-intake and cause problems for the liver and kidney. These medicines can give you an overdose of vitamins and lead to vitamin toxicities, not to mention liver problems that can arise due to breaking down capsules on a regular basis.

Other problems associated with diet pills include:
• Dehydration
• Abdominal bloating
• Anaemia
• Anorexia
• Fatigue

Losing weight through weight lifts

anushkasharma-bollywooddhamaka1Metallic heavyweight dumbbells and weight lifts challenge your abdominal muscles to increase their capacities beyond the present thresholds. This can cause internal wear and tear, and can also pose problems in the organs residing inside this cavity.

Weight lifts have caused problems in the uterus and ovaries of women. Thus, unless you have a full-time trainer who fixes your weight loss strategy through a gradual timeline, you should not attempt weight-bearing exercises all by yourself.

Plus, for getting into a fitter shape, more people are forced to take supplements and steroids that pump up muscle strengths rapidly. These proteins more often than not change the pancreatic and intestinal cells in order to boost up hormone production. Although they don’t show any short term problems, in the long term the hormonal makeup of the whole body undergoes serious changes.

So before taking weight loss capsules and protein supplements, do consult your doctor for a thorough checkup of your overall metabolism.

Losing weight through dietslosing-weight-in-the-healthy-way

Different types of diets have come in for tackling weight loss, some talk about including more liquids whereas others tell you to consume fibre-rich foods. Some even tell you to give up everything and focus only on egg yolks and soups. Although it is said that losing weight by natural methods is healthier than dosing on steroids and proteins with gym workouts, even this method comes with its fair share of disadvantages.

Protein diets lead to dehydration since processing proteins requires water in high volumes, plus higher protein buildup leads to uric acid stones in the gall bladder.
Fibre-rich diets can cause problems for the intestine if they’re not taken in moderation.
Soups and juices type of diets detoxify the body initially but making it a permanent habit can cause dizziness, anorexia and most importantly, acidity and stomach ulcers.
Low-carb diet is prone to protein accumulation in the liver and cause metabolic ketosis.
Eating too much vitamins and proteins can cause intestinal cancers.

Image credits: ahealthierlife

Therefore, when you choose your diet + exercise strategy, make sure you understand these risks and lose weight without losing your body’s latent strengths.

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