Okay- How Super Cool is Deadpool!!!

Deadpool is the latest mutant movie running in theatres and has created quite a frenzy amongst comic fans. While there are a host of X Men and superhero movies out there, there is something uniquely exciting and entertaining about Deadpool and that is his ability to break the fourth wall! Before you go ahead and Google what that means, breaking the fourth wall is a technique where the character engages directly with the audience and therefore obliterating the imaginary wall that separates the audience and the movie. (Well you can go ahead and Google what obliterate means!)

The fact that Deadpool makes real world references in the comic world is what makes it so refreshingly humorous and these comic strips prove just how awesome and cheeky Deadpool really is:







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Deadpool is so rad! Be sure to catch Deadpool in action in theatres near you. You can book movie tickets online as well. He surely has a way to tickle your ribs!

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