Oldest Temples in The World

A temple is not only place of worship as it a place to meet and interact with people of different faith and come together to share their experiences and battles. They have existed on our planet through centuries and have been regarded as almost sacred. However, some of the ancient temples were built in era s the system of which no is no longer practiced. Here are the oldest temples of the world

1. Palace of Knossos


Greek civilization was one of the oldest civilizations so it is no surprise that palace of Knossos in Creta, Greece is one of the oldest temples of the world. It was built in 1700 BC to 1400 BC and all the rooms, shrines and living spaces have been created around a central square. According to legend the Athenian Hero Theseus  killed the Minotaur here.

2. Gobekli Tepe


It is located on a hilltop in Turkey surrounded by megalithic houses and temples. According to sources the site was erected in 10th Millenium BC making it the oldest place of worship and has a lot T-shaped 3 metre high pillars which were worshiped by the tribes of that time.

3. Temple of Amada


It is said that the temple of Amada dates all the way back to 15th Century and according to sources was dedicated to Amun and Re-horakhty. However the later pharaohs destroyed it in order to profess themselves as the superior lords. The temple has much of its interiors preserved and has some of the finely cut and painted stones.

4. Ggantija Temples


It was constructed way back in 3600-3000 BC  and are older than Egypt’s pyramids and Britain’s Stonehenge. The structure of the temple is such that it shows two separate temples joined together side by side and enclosed within a boundary wall. These temples were dedicated to a fertility cult and are one of the oldest temples in Europe.

5. Hypogeum


It is only prehistoric underground temple in the world and dates back to 2500 BC. It was originally a sanctuary but later turned into a cemetery before it was reinstated. All the halls, chambers and passages are carved out of rock. The temple allows only a few visitors and there can be upto 3 weeks wait to get the pass.

6. Temple of Hatsheput


This glorious temple is situated on the west bank of river Nile and is one of most admirable structures to be ever created. It was created in the memory of Amun their greatest leaders  who ruled over the lands with all her glory. It has ramp and terrace structure which is quite uncommon for conventional temples.

7. Luxor Temple


The Luxor temple was founded in 1400 BC and is located on the east bank of river Nile. It was dedicated to three Egyptian gods and was also the centre of the most important festival hosted in the city. The statues were lifted and carried through the avenues which connected them on the eve of the festival and worshiped by the pilgrims.

8. Stonehenge


Stonehenge is one of the most famous sites of the world and from a distance appears to be just large sets of stone on grass. However, according to sources it is believed that the monument served as a religious and ceremonial centre. Scholars also believe that it was constructed in 1600 BC and stones erected here came from Marlborough Downs.

9. Mahabodhi Temple

This is known to be the site where Gauthama Buddha attained enlightenment. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is celebrated by Buddhists all over the world. It contains a descendant of the actual bodhi tree under which Buddha got enlightened. Since then, there have been many reworks and restoring work done on the temple, yet, it still has the original beauty it was built with at around 232 BCE. Visit it now using Cleartrip flight coupons.

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