Online Rummy in India

If you look around, there is a common observation, ‘Every other person is glued to their mobile screens and engaged in an online game.’ According to a report by Business Today, gaming apps are one of the major categories downloaded by Indian mobile users.

Various fantasy and traditional card games have transitioned into the digital world today. What makes them compelling is the way they challenge the mind while increasing your skill and strategy. Online games can get anyone hooked and in no time, they’ve become a global favourite.

The Gaming Industry In India

According to a report by KPMG, the online gaming industry is expected to generate a revenue of Rs. 11,900 Crore by 2023. Mobile phone users contribute to the majority of the market which is about 85%. The number of gamers has also seen a huge jump over the years from 25 million in 2010 to 250 million in 2018. With the advancement in technology, the youth has become more invested in fantasy cricket and football games, and online card games like rummy, poker and others. Online rummy provides a hassle-free experience compared to the traditional rummy as people can log in from any location and play with different players all the time.

Why Card Games?

Card Games

Contrary to popular assumptions, card games like playing online rummy are banked as aids to improve concentration and induce excitement. They are super-fun to play and highly engaging while being a mental workout enabler. Rummy games relax the mind, enhance judgment and analytical skills. They are not entirely based on chances but smart moves which give you better command over the game. They enable both real and virtual socializing which makes them all the more interesting.

For Fun and Entertainment

If you’re seeking fun and entertainment then online rummy is a great option to go for. They are not merely the highlight of a festive occasion anymore. Rummy games are interactive, have much fanfare and can be enjoyed in a social setting or online with different players. The sense of thrill and excitement a card game like rummy gives you is unmatched, especially if you want to put your mind to play.

For Working Up Your Persona

Playing rummy, poker or any other card game involves attentiveness and absolute concentration. While some games require short-term memory, card games like Rummy trigger the use of visualization, memory and sequencing for long term benefit. The challenge of coming up with strategies enriches your mind. These games improve memory, concentration and analytical skills, help you analyse the movement of your opponents or their give-away behaviour. Work up your persona by playing a game of rummy to enhance your cognitive and interpersonal skills.

Playing Rummy Online

Online Rummy

Playing rummy online is as easy and exciting as it could be. Millions of users engage in exciting tournaments and choose from different rummy games to have their share of fun. The best part about playing rummy online is that the game is just a click away. You don’t even need to gather your friends or depend upon someone’s availability to play it.

Legality and Future of Rummy Games in India

If we were to foretell the future of Indian rummy, it is certainly bright. The game has a stronghold in the country and its popularity has grown even more after the Supreme Court’s verdict that the game is legal to play. The honourable court has declared it a game of skill, rather than leaving it be a good hand of chance or luck. Online rummy is expected to be much bigger in the time to come.

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