Oolong tea is a delicious beverage that comes from the same Camellia Sinensis plant as the Green tea. It originated 400 years ago in China and now it’s popularity only grows globally. A partially fermented tea, Oolong falls between Green and Black tea.

It offers benefits of both and is known for its aroma. Drinking it regularly helps your heart, metabolism, mental health, obesity and diabetes. Here is all that Oolong tea can do for your body:

  • Manage Weight Loss
  • Reduce Risk of Heart diseases
  • Prevent Ovarian Cancer
  • Improves Bone Health
  • Avert diabetes

Read on to learn how…

Benefits of Oolong Tea

1. Manage Weight Loss

Rich in polyphenolic compounds Oolong helps regulate metabolism and induces healthy weight loss. Caffeine and catechins in the tea help induce weight loss and help maintain lean body mass.

2. Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases

Consuming Oolong tea regularly lowers cholesterol levels and reduces chances of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, the caffeine in Oolong tea boosts metabolism and improves brain function. This helps reduce strain on the heart and body.

3. Prevents Ovarian Cancer

Drinking Oolong tea is claimed to reduce the overall risk of cancer by almost 4 percent. More interestingly regular consumption of the tea can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by almost half.

4. Improves Bone Health

Oolong tea is rich in antioxidants that help make our bones strong. Studies show that regular drinkers have almost 2 per cent higher bone density. It is also rich in minerals like calcium, copper and manganese along with vitamins (A,B,C,E,K). It is also a rich source of fluoride which prevents plaque and strengthens your enamel.

5. Averts Diabetes

While no tea can cure diabetes, drinking two cups of Oolong tea daily can help reduce the risk of Type-2 diabetes. It helps regulate blood sugar and has polyphenolic compounds increase insulin activity. This also makes it ideal for those suffering with diabetes.

9 Important Questions About Oolong Tea Answered

How does Oolong tea help you lose weight?

Oolong tea helps to regulate metabolism, thereby helping in weight loss management. It contains caffeine and catechins that help in stimulating weight loss.

What are the side effects of Oolong tea?

It is advisable to drink moderate quantities of Oolong tea in order to stay safe from bleeding disorders, heart problems, and digestive issues. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not drink more than 2 cups of Oolong tea a day.

Is Oolong tea better for weight loss or Green Tea?

Green tea and Oolong tea are equally beneficial in aiding weight loss. They regulate metabolism and help to maintain a healthy appetite.

Is Oolong tea as healthy as Green tea?

Both, Green tea and Oolong tea provide numerous health benefits to their consumers. The advantages of these beverages can be obtained by consuming them in moderate quantities, i.e., about 2-3 cups each day.

What is the best tea for weight loss?

Green tea, oolong tea, and peppermint tea are some of the best herbal supplements that can be used for aiding weight loss.

Does Oolong tea raise blood pressure?

No. Drinking Oolong tea is rather helpful in the reduction of strain on heart and body. A study related to Oolong tea states that the consumption of 120 ml of this beverage per day may reduce the risk of high blood pressure by up to 46%.

How many cups of Oolong tea a day is safe?

It is safe to drink about 2-3 cups of Oolong tea each day to avail maximum benefits of this herbal supplement.

Is Oolong tea good for diabetics?

Yes, Oolong tea is well-known for its benefit for curing obesity and diabetes. You can drink about 6 cups of Oolong tea daily for a month to reduce blood sugar levels.

Where does Oolong tea originate from?

Oolong tea originates from Anxi, situated in the province of Fujian.

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