Our Favourite Summer Snack Was Actually An Accident?

pink posicle with strawberries

Think of a nice hot summer day.

What are you surrounded by?

Mangoes, watermelon and definitely some popsicles to cool us off. From years previous, popsicles and other iced lollies have been a traditional summer food that warms all our hearts and cools all our bodies.

Available in all different shapes, sizes and flavours, there really is something for everybody. It was invented way back in 1905 by an unsuspecting boy. Here’s the story of how everyone’s favourite popsicle was invented.

We’ve all been a kid before and left things out that we weren’t supposed to, right? Well, lucky for us that Frank Epperson did leave out his cup of powdered soda overnight. The cup had the powder, some water and a stirring stick in it. Overnight, the cold temperatures froze the drink, making the modern-day popsicle. The following morning, he woke up to the frozen concoction, dubbing it an Epsicle. (Epperson + Icicle)

The snack was originally debuted in a park in California only in 1923. Frank’s kids called the Epsicles Pop’s Sickles from which it got the name it has today. However, it wasn’t until 1925 that the whole country of America got to relish in the treat. The Joe Lowe Company of New York helped with the manufacture and distribution of the snack countrywide.

Today, it is an international phenomenon. We don’t really think about it though. We’re all used to taking our precious Rs.10 to the shopkeeper when we were young and asking for the orange or mango flavoured. Now, with so many companies making treats identical to the original popsicle all around the world, the flavours have really expanded.

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