About Outlook India

Outlook India is popular for its vibrant news content that features politics, cinema, sports, and other stories of broad interests. It provides the latest news from India and the globe.

Founded In: October 1995
Founder:  Vinod Mehta
Owned By: Raheja Group
Publisher: Outlook Publishing India Pvt. Limited
Issued: Weekly
Editorial Director: Mr Rajesh Ramachandran
Languages Available: English, Hindi (e-magazine)
Readership: 9.35 Lakh
Circulation: 1.9 Lakh
Annual Subscription: ₹2249
CashKaro Price: ₹999

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Topics Outlook India Covers

Outlook India is one of the leading magazines that covers latest current affairs and news. The bold and aggressive reporting of the magazine helps you understand views of people from around the world. Here are some topics Outlook India Covers:

  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Cinema
  • Business
  • Books
  • Cover stories
  • Current Affairs
  • International news
  • Lifestyle
  • Food

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Buying Outlook India Magazine

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