Patanjali Amla Murabba – Review, Best Price & Ingredients

What is Patanjali Amla Murabba?

Patanjali Amla Murabba is a sweet and sour amla conserve that has multiple health benefits. It contains pure amla and sugar. It is a sweet alternative to pickle and can be taken with food or by itself.

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Patanjali Amla Murabba Ingredients

  • Amla
  • Sugar syrup

Patanjali Amla Murabba Review


  • Increases haemoglobin level
  • Acts as a heart tonic
  • Soothes stomach and intestine inflammation
  • Improves eyesight
  • Improves gum and teeth health
  • Increases immunity
  • Natural source of vitamin C
  • Relieves constipation and haemorrhoids
  • Improves liver heatlh


  • Can cause acidity
  • Can cause skin and scalp dryness, must be consumed with water
  • Can cause allergic reactions

Where To Find Patanjali Amla Murabba

Patanjali Amla Murabba Best Price

Patanjali Amla Murabba: MRP Rs 120

Best Price: Rs 113


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