Patanjali Honey is offered by the biggest Ayurvedic products brand in the country right now. Patanjali has quickly become a trusted brand in the personal care & kitchen supplies market. Just like most Patanjali Products, this one is also becoming a popular choice due to the low price and purity. It contains vitamins, minerals and natural fructose which have multiple health benefits.

Patanjali Honey Review

Apart from carrying all the benefits of honey, Patanjali honey is also priced lower than other leading brands. This adds to the popularity of the products. It claims to be 100% pure honey, but has been in the news for containing added sugar. Here is a detailed review of the honey.


  • Tastes like pure honey without added sweeteners
  • Patanjali is a trusted brand which is known for manufacturing pure products with natural ingredients
  • Acts as an amazing sugar replacement for tea and coffee
  • Great for adding to face and hair masks as it provides moisturization and hydration
  • It also makes skin glow and controls acne
  • Can aid in the weight loss process
  • Can ease symptoms of cold and cough by adding to tea
  • Claims to be 100% pure without additives or flavors
  • The price is significantly lower than other brands


  • Packaged in a plastic bottle which is not good for health
  • May contain sugar according to controversial claims
  • Does not have FSSAI certification

Ingredients Of Patanjali Honey

The label on the Patanjali Honey bottle states 100% Honey as the only ingredient. However, some people have claimed to notice a sugar crystals settled down at the bottom of the bottle.

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Where To Find The Best Price For Patanjali Honey

Patanjali Honey tastes great and provides all the well-known benefits of pure honey. If you have become a fan of Patanjali Honey just like us, you can shop online right now to get the best prices. The most popular retailers selling Patanjali honey are Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, Grofers and Beelicious . Make sure you get the added benefit of Cashback with your Patanjali Honey by shopping via

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